Continental League Pitcher Signed by Dodgers

The pitching-challenged Ogden team has reinforcements coming, courtesy of former Dodger outfielder Tom Goodwin, the manager of the Lewisville Lizzards (Texas) in the Continental League. Matt Sartor, who joined the Lizards last month after the team made some roster changes, was signed and sent to the Raptors

Matt Sartor, a 22 year-old right-hander was signed by Calvin Jones, who is the area supervisor for the Dodgers' scouting department. During his time with the Lewisville Lizards he was managed by Tom Goodwin, a 14-year Major League veteran, and pitching coach Kieran Mattison.

"I'm really excited," Sartor said. "I'm ready to get going." Sartor graduated from Irving High School in 2003 and spent two seasons playing for North Central Texas College. He then transferred to UT-Arlington, where he played in 2006 and 2007. The Major League draft passed him up, but now he's getting another chance.

"It was just one of those things," Sartor said. "Some guys get drafted, some don't.

Sartor left Tuesday to join Ogden who are hosting the Billings Mustangs.

Despite not even playing in half of the CBL season, he made the most of his chances. In eight games, he was 1-0 with a 5.28 ERA but had 23 strikeouts and 10 walks in 15.1 innings.

"I thought I had a chance for this to happen this year because of the coaches and managers in this league," Sartor said. "Tom [Goodwin] and [pitcher] Kieran Mattison both know a lot of people, and they really helped me get hooked up with the Dodgers."

Lizards general manager Justin Wilcher said it's good for the league for a player to be signed, and he's glad the first player to do that came from the Lizards.

"I'm really happy for Matt and am glad he gets the chance to go forward with it," Wilcher said. "He's a smart, intelligent kid. For the league, it's an honor for the Lizards to be the first team to have a player taken. When we got these guys ready to play, we ensured them that they'd have the opportunity to get into affiliated ball."

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