I Ain't Got Nobody

There is an old song titled "I Ain't Got Nobody" and unfortunately for the Dodgers and most other big league teams, that has become the  current refrain for  the lack of pitchers around. With less than a week to go before the July 31 trading deadline, the Dodgers, like everybody else, are scouring baseball for pitching help.

The Dodgers have Jason Schmidt out for the season (and more), Randy Wolf on the DL, Kuo out (maybe for good) for more surgery, Yhency Brazoban out for the season, Derek Lowe maybe down, etc., etc. To make matters worse, closer Saito has been sidelined.

The Dodgers are down to Brad Penny, Chad Billingsley and - to borrow a phrase from horse racing - jockey "No Boy".

They have brought up just about everybody remotely ready for big league action from Triple A and, barring a trade (or two) may have to resort to rushing Clayton Kershaw or other AA players (and Kershaw just got to that level).

The power short Dodgers don't score enough runs regularly to get by with the cast of characters available (Houlton, Hendrickson, Tomko et. al.).

Of course, the Dodgers problem can be said to be baseball's problem, i.e., not enough pitching to go around.

The temptation to switch Jonathan Broxton from relieving to starting might be dreamed about, but not until Saito is back and healthy. That switch back in the mid 80s is what made Orel Hershiser a starter to stay.

The 2007 hopes for post season play look for all the world like they are resting of GM Ned Colletti's shoulders the next five or six days.

The Dodgers are not even looking for a rent a player (as well they shouldn't), but a Scott Proctor with his live arm could be recast into a starting role, even if it costs a Tony Abreu (now cast as Jeff Kent's replacement at 2B down the road).

Proctor was in the Dodgers fold in the past and he'd certainly be welcomed home. Heck, at this point, even a return of one time phenom Edwin Jackson would look good.

Wilson Betemit apparently still has some market value, as if there was any for a hitter wallowing under .240.

The Brewers were able to translate three no name  minor leaguers for the very workable Scott Linebrink - but the Padres never would have make Linebrink available to their division rival Dodgers (and that is/was too bad).

Surely the scouts are busy and working overtime, but the depth of the pitching shortages - begun with the collapse of Jason Schmidt on whom the Dodgers pinned so much - are making  the natives restless.

They say hope is eternal, but we are mostly worried about August and September.  

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