Top Prospect review #4

Time for the monthly checkup on how the top prospects, as rated at the start of the season, are doing.

1- Clayton Kershaw, lhp, Great Lakes- Nothing particularly wrong with a 7-5 record with a 2.83 ERA for a losing club although not indicative of what you expect from him. A better indication of his pure stuff is that batters are hitting only .208 against him and that he's struck out 129 in 92 innings.

2- Matt Kemp, of, Los Angeles- Still has tendencies to get himself out when he begins pressing but a 331 batting average with six homers since he's been called up demonstrates his abilities.

3- Scott Elbert- Out for the season just when they could use him in L.A.

4-James Loney, 1b, Los Angeles- James has been hitting around .350 in the big leagues since his second callup last year. Right now he's at .340 with four homers so any question's about his talent have been answered.

5- Andy LaRoche, 3b, Las Vegas- He's been pounding the ball just like expected. Right now he's hitting .316 with 16 home runs. Should get a September callup if not sooner.

6- Hong-Chih Kuo, lhp, Los Angeles- Latest surgery may well have him finished for the year. He's bitterly talking about retirement . After all, how many cuts can an elbow take?

7- Blake DeWitt, 3b, Jacksonville- Another touted prospect who's been hitting in style. Batting .348 with 11 home runs since called up to the Suns.

8- Greg Miller, lhp, Jacksonville- Just when he seems to have solved his control problems, he seems to lapse. They're only hitting .207 against him but 26 walks in 23.2 innings indicates the problem.

9- Ivan DeJesus, ss, Inland Empire-_ Add his name to those who are getting better and better. He's at .294 with four homers and 46 RBI at the moment.

10- Tony Abreu, 2b, Las Vegas- Aches and pains have kept him out since going back to Vegas. Will pick up a .347 mark there when he resumes.

11- Delwyn Young, of, Los Angeles- Was hitting .343 -16 -79 with 44 doubles when summoned from Las Vegas. He certainly appears ready.

12- Jon Meloan, rhp, Las Vegas- Has been doing quite well for the 51's since being summoned there. Has one save with a 1.41 ERA in the four games in which he's worked. Another who's likely to be in Los Angeles before the season expires.

13- Josh Bell, 3b, Great Lakes.- Hitting .277-14-55. Good steady but not spectacular season.

14- Justin Orenduff, rhp, Jacksonville- Has generally done well (6-4, 4.03) although not good enough for call-up consideration at this time.

15- Bryan, Morris, rhp- His rehab from Tommy John surgery is progressing very well.

16- Preston Mattingly, 2b, Great Lakes. - His troubles at this level continue. Down to .227-3-32. Has stolen 10 bases.

17- Mike Megrew, lhp, Jacksonville- Has been inconsistent with some good, some not-so-good starts. 6-6 with a .548 ERA.

18- Chin-lung Hu, ss, Las Vegas- Has cooled down naturally from his out-of-this-world start at Vegas. Now batting .356. Survived all the trade talks.

19-Steve Johnson, rhp, Great Lakes- Has had shoulder problems they've had trouble diagnosing. He's throwing better although his 2-5, 6.75 record doesn't reflect it.

20- Eric Stults, lhp, Las Vegas.-Seems to do better in L.,A. than in Vegas, which isn't surprising, considering what a hitters' league the PCL is.