What is to be Done?

Vladimir Ilyitch Ulanov, aka Lenin, once penned in his newspaper Iskra, an essay entitled "What is to be Done?" The purpose of the essay was what tasks were necessary to get his political movement team into first place in the Russian League.

Lenin advocating killing or replacing the managers and players, replacing the economic system by paying everybody what they were really worth and according to their contributions, and a host of other remedies.

Lenin had no baseball experience, so we don't know if his prescriptions have any applicability to our woeful Dodgers.

True, the Dodgers are in full tilt collapse mode and, like the Czar and Czarina, reading to fade even further into obscurity.

Short of Lenin, who was incidentally a short guy, we, unlike Tommy Lasorda, who is never short of a commentary, don't know what to say about the current state of affairs of the Dodgers.

As we daily peruse the major league box scores and game results, we see players all over -- or to be technically correct, everyplace else but the Dodgers - have a player with 20 or more homers. Some have 32 or more. The other teams have players approaching 100 rbi. We do not. We have other teams with players nearing 100 runs scored. We do not.

We have brought up our rookies and the most that can be said about help from the minors right now is that 'Hu is at short' and Kershaw in in Jacksonville. If Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are watching from baseball heaven, they would be delighted that Hu is at short.

The Dodgers team was given a break for the All Star game.

It sure looks like the other teams came back but the Dodgers either didn't back or left their game at home. Another two or three weeks like this and the Dodgers can begin making plans for 2008 because this season will be over soon enough for the Dodgers sinking faster than the Titanic.

The tragedy is compounded by the fast that still with seven or eight weeks to go, over 3 million loyal fans have paid their hard earned money to watch a dismal product. The current team not only isn't winning, they aren't even entertaining.

The current owners promised a winning team and now. That promise was made several years back. The promise still remains exactly that, just a promise. We don't know when delivery is, but it doesn't look like anytime soon.

Orel Hershiser, who is shining as an analyst as he did as a player, interviewed great with the Dodgers for both a front office or managerial job with the Dodgers. He didn't get either because he was said to lack experience.

So the team went out and hired guys with experience. The GM's experience in the front office came with the Giants and Cubs, two teams with experience but no recent winners.

So much for  experience.

They say the team has its chin up as it faces this adversity. We don't know about the other loyal Dodgers fans,but our chin has sunk someplace down around our knees and is in danger of hitting our ankles soon.

Would somebody please tell the Dodgers that we are going to be 68 soon. Even though we are far short of Lasorda, we ain't got all that many seasons left in us and we sure as the dickens would like to see one more winning team before we go.

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