Dodgers Trade for "Youngster"

The Dodgers have traded for a youngster. He is Mark Sweeney, merely 37 years young. Remember: Gonzo is almost 40. Jeff Kent is 40. Roberto Hernandez is 42. Brother Saito is older than Sweeney. Probably Olmedo Saenz is too.

The Dodgers have a very young youth contingent. They have a growing older contingent. The problem is they don't have enough players in between.

Baseball insiders have long held the opinion that a professional baseball player reaches his peak at 27 or 28 and after that extends into their early 30s. After that, they contend, things go downhill.

The key heart of the Dodgers batting order is unfortunately held by folks frankly in the older category.

Older runners mean slower runners. Slower runners translate into double plays. Older hitters have older and slower bat speed.

If their is a knock on Giants GM Brian Sabean, it is his affinity for really veteran players. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti learned his craft at the feet of Sabean. Off his initial Dodgers record, Colletti appears to have infected by the same propensity.

With a .255 batting average, Mark Sweeney nonetheless is hitting some 60 or more points higher than two of the Dodgers bench players, Saenz and Martinez. That is, at least, something.

David Wells, designated for assignment, and cheap (the Padres are stuck with his contract), and at 42, might fit right into the Dodgers plans.

Lefty Casey Folsum of Tampa also might have some value for the pitching short Dodgers. Righty Wade Miller recently of the Cubs? Miguel Cairo,  former Dodgers player and being cut loose by the Yankees? These are only four of the veteran players available. The Dodgers didn't take a swipe at Shea Hillebrand when he was available.

At least field manager Grady Little, obviously feeling the heat, changed his lineup and promised more of the same.

The result included rookie Delwyn Young's four hit game. Would you like to see an outfield just once of Young and Kemp in center and Andre Ethier in  right?  

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