Offerman Suspended After Incident

Former major league All-Star Jose Offerman was arrested Tuesday night after charging the mound and hitting the pitcher and catcher with his bat during an independent minor league game. Bridgeport police said Offerman was arrested and later posted bond, but did not detail the charge. According to the Connecticut Post, a source said Offerman was charged with second-degree assault.

Offerman, who played for the Dodgers 1990-95 as well as a number of other major league clubs, was playing for the Long Island Ducks in the Atlantic League and had homered in the first inning. The next inning, he was hit by a pitch from Bridgeport's Matt Beech and charged the mound with his bat.

According to the Connecticut Post, Beech was hit on the hands as he attempted to defend himself, while catcher John Nathans was hit in the back of the head on Offerman's backswing. Police said Beech, a left-hander, sustained a broken right middle finger, and Nathans later suffered from nausea, the newspaper reported.

"He hit him with a cut fastball in the left calf," Bluefish manager Tommy John said, according to the Post. "And the next thing you know, Offerman's going to the mound with his bat over his head taking swings at Beech. He took at least two, maybe even three swings."

Offerman rushed out to the mound before anyone could stop him. Beech managed to elude him but Nathans was hit and after he left the game at the end of the inning and reached the dugout, he passed out.

The game was delayed for about 20 minutes because of the melee. Offerman, Beech and John were all ejected. The newspaper reported that police converged on the Ducks' clubhouse once order was restored on the field.

"I called [Atlantic League executive director] Joe Klein immediately after the incident and told him what had occurred on the field," Bluefish CEO Mary-Jane Foster told the Post. "And I have asked that the Atlantic League suspend Jose Offerman from the league for life."

Offerman batted .273 during his 15 seasons in the majors. He last played in the majors in 2005 with Philadelphia and the New York Mets. He was an All-Star in 1995 with the Dodgers and 1999 with Boston.