Brian Mathews The Loons Next Superstar?

osh Bell, Clayton Kershaw, and Tommy Giles have departed one zip code to another as they move up the ranks of the Dodger's organization, and Loons fans wonder who will be their next hopeful that will monopolize their hearts before the end of the season.

J Miguel Ramirez has pitched very well out of the bullpen, closing out ballgames with a poker faced façade, but his achievements have created little buzz compared to the newly departed.

Matt Berezay or Eduardo Perez, the faces of consistency this season, might now be the likely answers to the question, "Who's Your Loon?" but since both have been slightly overshadowed by the likes of Bell and Giles (though Berezay and Perez deserve to be moved up), it is unlikely they will be fully recognized for what they have done on the field in 2007. So the question remains, who is next to wow the patrons at Dow Diamond?

That answer might be easier than you think with the arrival of Brian Mathews.

While Bell (.087 BA.), Kershaw (6.48 ERA) and Giles (.185) are struggling in their new ranks, Mathews is excelling in them. After being recalled from Ogden during Great Lakes' recent road trip, Mathews finished the ball game on Friday 10-for-23 (.435) in six games and has shone defensively at third base, replacing the error prone Josh Bell at that position.

Though it is likely that Mathews will return to the Loons at the start of next season, it is even more probable that Brian will progress through the ranks of the Dodger's organization in the future. Even manager Lance Parrish has much praise for his new third baseman.

"Brian's swinging the bat real well," Parrish remarked. "And, he is a very solid third baseman."

Though his bat has been his trademark, the solid defensive third baseman is a welcome addition to a ball club that is ranked dead last in the Midwest League in fielding percentage, with a league high 200 errors and .956 fielding percentage.

With the Loon's 17-34 record in the second half, it is obvious that they will not be making a run for the playoffs. With Berezay and Perez likely to start next season at a higher level of some sort, fans in Midland can get a glimpse of one player who will likely be with them at the start of 2008. At least, my friends, for a little while.

As for the Loons in general, Lance Parrish has been pleased with the team's play as of late. "We've been swinging the bats fairly well on the road," Parrish said after being asked why the team has played poorly this season at Dow Diamond. "For some reason, they don't seem relaxed when they come home."

The Loons wrap up a short two game series with the Dayton Dragons (26-26) tonight at Dow Diamond before hitting the road for a three games against the South Bend Silver Hawks.

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