Dodger Minor League Leaders Listed

With two weeks left in the regular season, the minor league leader list spotlights the top players in each category. Clayton Kershaw and James McDonals have moved to the top of the starting pitchers chart, while in the batting department, Tony Abreu, Delwyn Young and Chin-Lung Hu were joined by John Linsey, Blake DeWitt, Lucas May and many others who are making their presence known.

Abreu, Young and Wilson Valdez are extremely close in the average department. Lucas May and Young are vieing for the runs batted in title.

Starters McDonald and Kershaw are listed on nearly every pitching list while Jon Malone tops a number of relief pitcher departments.

The following charts show the top 10 in many different categories in both pitching and hitting and will help determine our team Most Valuable Player Awards as well as the annual Top Pitcher, Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year.
.344 Tony Abreu 2b LV
.343 Delwyn Young of LV
.340 Wilson Valdez ss LV
.329 John Lindsey 1b LV
.326 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
.312 Eduardo Perez 1b GL
.308 Jamie Hoffman of IE
.307 Shane Justis 2b IE
.306 Andy LaRoche 3b LV
.304 Kevin Howard 3b Jx

 On-base percentage
.399 Wilson Valdez ss LV
.398 Tony Abreu 2b LV
.391 Andy LaRoche 3b LV
.391 John Lindsey 1b LV
.387 Delwyn Young of LV
.383 Shane Justis 2b IE
.380 Anthony Raglani of Jx
.374 A.J. Ellis c Jx
.373 Jamie Hoffman of IE
.372 Travis Denker 2b IE

.624 John Lindsey 1b LV
.591 Andy LaRoche 3b LV
.590 Delwyn Young of LV
.514 Chin-Lung Hu ss  Lx/LV
.509 Thomas Giles of GL/Jx
.500 Tony Abreu 2b LV
.482 Anthony Raglani of Jx
.475 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
.469 Matt Berezay of GL
.469 Blake DeWitt 2b IE/Jx

 On-base + Slugging
1.015 John Lindsey 1b LV
.982  Andy LaRoche 3b LV
.977  Delwyn Young of LV
.911  Ken Huckaby c LV
.898  Tony Abreu 2b LV
.880 Chin-Lung Hu ss Lx/LV
.861  Anthony Raglani of Jx
.842  Thomas Giles of GL/Jx
.833  Eduardo Perez 1b GL
.831  Travis Denker 2b IE

125 Marshall McDougal 3b Jx/LV
122 Anthony Raglani of Jx
119 Chin-Lung Hu ss Lx/LV
117 Josh Bell 3b GL/ IE
116 Ivan DeJesus ss IE
116 Blake DeWitt 2b IE/Jx
116 Lucas May c IE
114 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
113 Ryan Rogowski of IE
110 Cory Dunlap 1b Jx
110 Choo Freeman of LV

93 Delwyn Young of LV
84 Chin-Lung Hu ss Lx/LV
72 Anthony Raglani of Jx
71 Lucas May c IE
71 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
67 Josh Bell 3b GL/ IE
64 Ivan DeJesus ss IE
64 Travis Denker 2b IE
63 Wilson Valdez ss LV
62 Xavier Paul of Jx

156 Chin-Lung Hu ss Lx/LV
147 Delwyn Young of LV
138 Blake DeWitt 2b IE/Jx
127 Eduardo Perez 1b GL
124 Marshall McDougal 3b Jx/LV
122 Josh Bell 3b GL/IE
122 Jamie Hoffman of IE
118 Xavier Paul of Jx
117 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
115 Travis Denker 2b IE
115 Lucas May c IE

45 Delwyn Young of LV
39 Blake DeWitt 2b IE/Jx
39 Chin-Lung Hu ss Lx/LV
31 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
30 Marshall McDougal 3b Jx/LV
29 Matt Berezay of GL
27 James Tomlin of IE/Jx
26 Travis Denker 2b IE
25 Ryan Rogowski of IE
23 Anthony Raglani of Jx

9 Ryan Rogowski of IE
7 Jamie Hoffman of IE
6 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
6 Preston Mattingly 2b GL
6 Wilkin Ruan of Jx/LV
5 Tony Abreu 2b LV
5 Matt Berezay of GL
5 Anthony Raglani of Jx
5 Delwyn Young of LV

 Home runs
25 Lucas May c IE
20 Anthony Raglani of Jx
18 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
17 John Lindsey 1b LV
17 Marshall McDougal 3b Jx/LV
17 Delwyn Young of LV
16 Josh Bell 3b GL/IE
16 Andy LaRoche 3b LV
13 Chin-Lung Hu ss Lx/LV
13 Eduardo Perez 1b GL

 Runs batted in
84 Lucas May c IE
81 Delwyn Young of LV
76 Marshall McDougal 3b Jx/LV
69 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
68 Josh Bell 3b GL/IE
68 Jamie Hoffman of IE
67 John Lindsey 1b LV
62 Anthony Raglani of Jx
61 Blake DeWitt 2b IE/Jx
58 Eduardo Perez 1b GL

 Stolen bases
34-7 Ryan Rogowski of IE
22-7 Trayvon Robinson of GL
18-5 James Tomlin of IE/Jx
18-7 Jamie Hoffman of IE
17-7 Adam Godwin of IE
17-9 Xavier Paul of Jx
16-12 Bridger Hunt of GL/IE
14-8 Chin-Lung Hu ss Lx/LV
12-1 Shane Justis 2b IE
11-6 Ivan DeJesus ss IE
11-6 Wilson Valdez ss LV


12-8 James McDonald IE/Jx
10-6 Cody White GL/IE
10-3 Marion Arias IE
10-3 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
9-7  Eric Cyr Jx/LV
9-10 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
8-8 William Juarez Jx/LV
8-6 Clayton Kershaw GL
7-4 Joey Norrito Jx
7-4 Justin Orenduff Jx
7-2 Jon Meloan Jx/LV
7-1 Cory Wade IE/Jx

20 Jon Meloan Jx/LV
15 Miguel Ramirez GL
14 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
13 Kyle Wilson IE
11 Eric Hull LV
 6 Cory Wade IE/Jx
 6 Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
 5 Mark Alexander LV/Jx
 4 Matt Riley Jx/LV

Earned run average
2.90 Clayton Kershaw GL
3.13 James McDonald IE/Jx
3.19 Cody White GL/IE
3.87 DJ Houlton  LV
3.93 Joey Norrito Jx
4.05 Justin Orenduff Jx
4.20 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
4.23 Josh Wall GL
4.37 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
4.50 Steven Johnson GL

 Earned run average
1.20 Kyle Wilson IE
1.57 Miguel Ramirez GL
2.19 Jon Meloan Jx/LV
2.22 Cory Wade IE/Jx
2.35 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
2.73 Eric Hull LV
3.04 Garrett White GL
3.12 Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
3.62 Francisco Felix GL/IE
4.37 Brian Akin Jx

 Opponents average
.199 Clayton Kershaw GL
.235 James McDonald IE/Jx
.250 Cody White GL/IE
.262 DJ Houlton LV
.263 Josh Wall GL
.271 Steven Johnson GL
.271 Mike Megrew Jx
.272 Justin Orenduff Jx
.276 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
.277 Alberto Bastardo IE
.277 Jesus Castillo IE

 Oponents average
.167 Jon Meloan Jx/LV
.177 Luis Gonzalez LV/JX
.209 Cory Wade IE/Jx
.211 Kyle Wilson IE
.226 Greg Miller LVJx
.233 Mark Alexander LV/Jx
.236 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
.237 BJ LaMura LV/Jx
.238 Garrett White GL
.239 Francisco Felix GL/IE

 Hits per 9 innings
6.56 Clayton Kershaw GL
7.86 James McDonaldIE/Jx
9.17 DJ Houlton LV
9.29 Josh Wall GL
9.49 Mike Megrew Jx
9.55 Justin Orenduff Jx
9.60  Alberto Bastardo IE
9.69Eric Cyr Jx/LV
9.81 Jesus Castillo IE
9.81 Javy Guerra IE

 Hits per 9 innings
5.29 Jon Meloan Jx/LV
5.49 Luis Gonzalez LV/JX
6.97 Cory Wade IE/Jx
7.15 Brian Akin Jx
7.20 Kyle Wilson IE
7.44 Greg Miller LVJx
7.46 Eric Hull LV
7.73 Miguel Ramirez GL
7.89 Francisco Felix GL/IE
7.94 BJ LaMura LV/Jx

 Walks + hits per inning
1.14 James McDonald IE/Jx
1.25 Clayton Kershaw GL
1.27 Joey Norrito Jx
1.35 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
1.38 Cody White GL/IE
1.40 DJ Houlton LV
1.40 Josh Wall GL
1.40 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
1.41 Zach Hammes Jx
1.41 Jesus Castillo IE

 Walks + hits per inning
0.90 Kyle Wilson IE
0.99 Jon Meloan Jx/LV
1.06 Cory Wade IE/Jx
1.12 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
1.17 Garrett White GL
1.23 Francisco Felix GL/IE
1.26 Eric Hull LV
1.43 Miguel Ramirez GL
1.54 Mark Alexander LV/Jx
1.56 Brian Akin Jx
1.5 8Matt Riley Jx/LV

56 Casey Hoorelbeke LV
50 Jacobo Meque IE
46 Jon Meloan Jx/LV
44 Mark Alexander LV/Jx
44 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
44 Eric Hull LV
41 Miguel Ramirez GL
40 Jordan Pratt IE
39 Matt Riley Jx/LV
39 Miguel Sanfler GL
39 Wesley Wright Jx/LV

 Games started
25 William Juarez Jx/LV
25 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
24 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
24 Cody White GL/IE
23 Clayton Kershaw GL

136.0 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
134.2 William Juarez Jx/LV
132.2 Cody White GL/IE
128.2 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
122.0 Jesus Castillo IE
121.1 Josh Wall GL
120.2 James McDonald IE/Jx
111.2 Clayton Kershaw GL
111.2 Marion Arias IE
111.0 Javy Guerra IE

116 Javy Guerra IE
105 William Juarez Jx/LV
103 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
 98 Cody White GL/IE
 98 Josh Wall GL
 96 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
 94 Jesus Castillo IE
 91 Justin Orenduff Jx
 91 Brian Akin Jx
 90 Jordan Pratt IE

 Strikeouts per 9 innings
12.06 Clayton Kershaw GL
11.38 James McDonald IE/Jx
 9.41 Javy Guerra IE
 8.79 Mike Megrew Jx
 8.60 Justin Orenduff Jx
 8.18 Eric Stults LV
 7.80 Alberto Bastardo IE
 7.69 DJ Houlton LV
 7.28 Josh Wall GL
 7.25 Steven Johnson GL

 Strikeouts per 9 innings
12.50 Jon Meloan Jx/LV
12.04 Jacobo Meque IE
12.04 Brian Akin Jx
11.50 Garrett White GL
11.49 Matt Riley Jx/LV
11.00 Mark Alexander LV/Jx
10.96 Eric Hull LV
10.95 Greg Miller LV Jx
10.51 Jordan Pratt IE
10.10 Luis Gonzalez LV/JX

 Walks per 9 innings
1.54 Joey Norrito Jx
2.47 James McDonald IE/Jx
2.53 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
2.58 Spike Lundberg LV
2.69 Zach Hammes Jx
2.71 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
2.88 Jesus Castillo IE
3.34 Josh Wall GL
3.52 DJ Houlton LV
3.64 Eric Stults LV

 Walks per 9 innings
0.90 Kyle Wilson IE
2.09 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
2.20 Dwayne Pollok LV
2.22 Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
2.51 Garrett White GL
2.63 Cory Wade IE/Jx
3.09 BJ LaMura LV/Jx
3.15 Francisco Felix GL/IE
3.29 Casey Hoorelbeke LV
3.68 Jon Meloan Jx/LV

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