H-e-e-e-r's Boomer (at last)

Back in the days when Mike Piazza was a very young Dodgers hero, his dad Vince was omnipresent at Dodgertown in Vero Beach. He was such a buddy of then manager Tommy Lasorda who drove him from hither to yon in his personal golf cart. Vince Piazza was given access to the press box, usually out of bounds except for press and Dodgers.

One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to notice the Vince Piazza-Tommy Lasorda connection,  so when Vince Piazza would give you "his" sage baseball advice, you could figure he was playing Charlie McCarthy to Lasorda's Edgar Bergen.

This was a full dozen years ago and maybe fifteen.

At that time, Vince Piazza had one mantra, to wit: the Dodgers need lefty David Wells ...  the Dodgers need lefty David Wells.

Wells has already in his 30s, already tattooed, overweight, a lover of beer, a motorcycle lover, a handful off the field.

Lasorda in  those days still threw batting practice.  From the back, Lasorda and Wells favored each other.  Stocky (it's not nice to say overweight), swaggering, cocky - which was which, it was hard to tell. Maybe Lasorda looked at Wells and saw himself.

Well, Vince Piazza's (and surely Lasorda's) pleas aside,  the Dodgers didn't get Boomer Wells then. And year after year passed. One would have thought the yearning for the Boomer had passed. But non-Dodgers maybe don't know what Tommy Lasorda wants once,  he don't give up on.

It isn't just that Boomer Wells is 44 now, only six years short of beginning to collect his hefty big  league pension,it's how old he is in relation  to senior advisor,  vice president, Dodgers emminence grise Lasorda.Tommy is going on 80. He is still around to  give advice.

He wanted Boomer once and you have to know Lasorda is consistent if not incessant. Now Tommy has a GM in Ned Colletti who has never operated with a calendar in mind. He has already brought us 40 year old Gonzo, resigned Jeff Kent, near 40, and signed  42 year old Roberto Hernandez when he looked and saw  the team needed a mop up man.

Has any team ever  had more 40 year olds or near 40  year olds?

Now Boomer is not Randy Johnson, relying on the heater. That's good. Boomer's forte has always been throwing strikes. He rarely walks a  batter.  To be effective, what is needed is for the Dodgers pitching brass to rate the umpires and keep Boomer away from umpires with known shrunken strike zones.

The Dodgers trail the bitter rival Padres, who gave up on the Boomer by two games in the wild card race, with five weeks and half a dozen games with the Padres left in regular  season play. Sticking it to the Padres surely is in the Boomer's mind.

It certainly is in consigliere  Lasorda's mind. Since the All Star Game break, the Dodgers have been mostly awful. To the point, anything, or almost anything, is worth a shot. Even if it is a very tardy response to an old and persistent Lasorda desire.

Welcome Boomer.   

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