Kershaw, McDonald Head Instructional Roster

Players ranging from Jacksonville to the Dominican Dodgers are on the list of 49 who have been invited to participate in the Arizona Instructional League. All are scheduled to report this coming Sunday.

Lefthander Clayton Kershaw, regarded as the prime prospect in the Dodger system, and right-hander James McDonald, who has risen to become one of the elite as well, are two from Jacksonville's roster who will on on hand.

Kershaw is one of two first-round draft picks who'll be in camp. He was the 2006 top man while righthander Chris Withrow, who was chosen first this past June, is also among the campers. There will also be a pair of supplemental first rounders there in second baseman Preston Mattingly (2006) and lefthander James Adkins, taken in June.

Kershaw and Adkins are among 11 players selected in the recent draft who will be participating at the Peoria Complex, which the Dodgers will share with the Mariners.

Those coming from the Dominican include pitchers Geison Aguasviva, Bolivar Medina and Carlos Frias as well as infielder Pedro Guerrero.

The list of 49 does not include those on rehab who will also be working out in Arizona with some to participate in games when deemed well enough.

The roster:
Pitchers- Adkins, Aguasviva, Mario Alvarez, Marlon Arias, Johnny Caraballo, Jesus Castillo, Danny Danielson, Frias, Luis Garcia, Javier Guerra, Kershaw, McDonald, Medina, Justin Miller, Jordan Pratt, Daigaro Rondon, Matt Sartor, Timothy Sexton, Kyle Smit, Eric Thompson, Luis Vasquez, Josh Wall, Michael Watt, Withrow.

Catchers- Griff Erickson, Alex Garabedian, Luke May, Carlos Santana.

First Base- Chris Jacobs, Kyle Orr, Jamie Ortiz.

Infielders- Pedro Baez, Austin Gallagher, Guerrero, Francisco Lizarraga, Brian Mathews, Mattingly, Jamie Pedroza, Matt Wallach.

Outfielders- Bridger Hunt, Andrew Lambo, Trayvon Robinson, Jovanny Rosario, Alfredo Silverio, Scott Van Slyke.