Reviewing the Top Prospects #1

With the minor league seasons all wrapped up as far as the Dodgers are concerned, it's time to review the top prospects as rated by going into the season and see how they fared in 2007. We'll begin the countdown starting at No.50 and go through No. 41.

50- Tommy Giles, of. Strangely was stuck in the extended camp for quite a while, then finally was placed at Great Lakes where he hit very well- .320 with six home runs. That got him fast-tracked all the way to Jacksonville. There, he didn't hit- .181 with two homers.

49- Garrett White, lhp. Appearances were limited because of time spent on the disabled list. Did well enough at Great Lakes- 1-1, 3.33 with two saves, then was promoted to Inland Empire where he pitched just three innings without being scored upon.

48- Trayvon Robinson, of. One of the organization's jet set, who has been schooled in hitting down on the ball to take advantage of that speed. It's been coming along but slowly. Hit .253 and stole 22 bases with Great Lakes.

47- Tony Harper, c. They had hopes for him as a possible power hitter which could perhaps overcome his shortcomings in the field. Tried at a number of positions but when he hit only .245 without a single homer for Inland Empire, he was released.

46- Ramon Troncoso, rhp. Did good work as a closer for Inland Empire- 3-1, 1.07 with seven saves. Was moved to Jacksonville where he did more of the same- 7-3, 3.12 with seven saves.

45- Jamie Hoffmann, of. Advanced his cause nicely with a solid season for Inland Empire. He hit .309 with nine homers and drove in 81 runs. Dependable in the field, too.

44- Kyle Wilson, rhp. When he wasn't having arm problems, he threw the ball extremely well as a closer for Inland Empire. Was 1-0, 1.09 with 14 saves.

43- Luke May, c. Sent 25 balls out of the yard for Inland Empire while driving in 89 runs. His average wasn't all that much- .256- but in one year of catching he's made strides. And you can't overlook that power.

42- Juan Rivera, ss. He's getting better but it's been a slow process. He hit .252 for Great Lakes, doesn't have all that much power and has been passed by several other shortstops.

41- Travis Denker, 2b. Got off to a delayed start because of a broken hand, then hit with power for Inland Empire - .294 with 10 homers but was the player the Giants selected as payment for Mark Sweeney.