Checking Out How The Draftees Did

Now that we've gone over the top prospects in the Dodger system as rated by going into the season let's take a look at the draft choices signed in 2007 to see how each fared in his first season.

Understand this is not a rating but in the order they were selected. Rating draftees this soon can be like hitting a pinata with blindfold in place.

After all, the 2002 selections are just now emerging in the big leagues. And who would have ventured right after their first year that a 17th round third baseman who hit .286 with no home runs in the Gulf Coast League would turn out the way Russell Martin has.

Still, first impressions being what they are, you begin to get an idea.

The signees in order of selection:

1- Chris Withrow, rhp. He didn't pitch much but really had only one shaky outing, thus his record of 0-0, 5.00 for the GCL Dodgers isn't a true indicator. But the fact that he was clocked at 98 with a great curve in the playoffs could be.

1(supplemental). James Adkins, lhp. Another used rather sparingly after signing; in his case, due to a large number of innings piled up in college. He was 0-1, 2.42 for Great Lakes, struck out 30 in 26 innings and generally looked like a worthy choice.

2- Michael Watt, lhp. Showed a good arm and the need for refinement with the GCL Dodgers. Was 0-0, 3.00.

3 - Austin Gallagher, 3b. Many felt a kid from high school might suffer in the more advanced Pioneer League. He, however, more than held his own with a .284 average and four home runs.

4- Andrew Lambo, of. Displayed a smooth lefthanded swing that generated a .343 season with five homers in the GCL. Also showed an excellent arm in right.

5- Kyle Blair, rhp. There was considerable controversy over the failure to sign him for he showed first-round talent But he naturally held out for first-round money and the Dodgers weren't inclined to go over slot. That's because those on high decided to stay in line behind Bud Selig, hoping for rewards far greater than a draft pick down the road.

6- Justin Miller, rhp. Arrived in the Gulf Coast camp with a sore arm but when he recovered just got better and better. He was 2-1, 3.57 during the regular season, then threw a superb seven shutout innings in the playoffs. Has a wicked sinker.

7- Danny Danielson, rhp. Another who has the arm that may carry him to some heights when he settles in. Was 1-1, 3.48 in the Gulf Coast.

8- Alex Garabedian, c. Hit .253 with four homers for Ogden. Shows some promise both as a hitter and catcher.

9- Jaime Pedroza, ss. He certainly has the look of someone who can swing the bat with authority. Hit .369 with eight homers for Ogden.

10-Erik Kanaby, of. Came on very well for Ogden to finish at .338. Not a power guy at all with only one home run.

11- Paul Koss, rhp. The hope is that he can become a specialist out of the bullpen, something he really wasn't in his first try. Was 2-1, 5.12 with Ogden.

12- Jesse Mier, c. Cracked a bone in his hand just as the Pioneer League season started so never got a chance. Only hit .194 in very limited play.

13- Bobby Blevins, rhp. Was in many ways the steadiest of the Ogden starters. 3-3, 3.49.

15- Cal Stanke, rhp. Never put it together for Ogden. Finished a disappointing 2-7, 5.66

16- Andres Santiago, rhp. Just 17, he seemed unsure of himself and received little opportunity for the Gulf Coast Dodgers. Was only 1-0, 4.50 but has the ability if he settles in.

17- Franklin Jacobs, 1b. Puts on batting practice displays that the Babe would have been proud of. Can he translate all that raw power into game performance? His inexperience caused him to finish at .250 with just two homers for the GCL club.

18- Given Kutz, rhp. Used as a setup man for Ogden and did well enough in that role- 1-0, 3.00.

19- Joris Bert, of. The first native of France ever drafted (He actually played over here for a Texas juco). He spent most of the summer trying to get a visa so never really got going. Only .214 with the Gulf Coast team.

22- Matt Wallach, 1b. Came in with the reputation of not being all that much of a hitter unlike his dad Tim but surprised with a good stroke. Hit .297-3-13. Originally a catcher but is being switched to first.

24- Parker Dalton, 2b. Didn't get much playing time in the GCL where he hit .333 so was moved to Ogden where he played more and hit less- .211.

25- Tim Sexton, rhp. Finally gave him about fifth-round money to sign and he appeared to be more than worth it for Great Lakes- 3-1, 3.57 with 25 strikeouts in 22.2 innings. A real drop-and-drive guy.

37- Gabe Casanova, 2b. Looked like he could be a valuable asset for the Gulf Coasties with a .333 mark in four games but a broken finger ended his season at that point.