Dodgers Consider Trading Matt Kemp

Bill Plaschke, writing in the Los Angeles Times said that young outfielder Matt Kemp may be trade-bait in the off-season. Insiders say that although management was furious with Jeff Kent for publicly ripping the team's young players last week, it agrees with some of the things he said.

Dodgers Consider Trading Matt Kemp The Dodgers wouldn't offer specifics, but insiders say they have reached the conclusion that they can be contenders quicker and longer if one or two of these kids are traded for more developed players who could help them avoid a repeat of this September's meltdown.

General Manager Ned Colletti wouldn't comment on this information, but his public stance on trading the kids has indeed softened.

"We've still got a positive view of the kids," Colletti told Plaschke. "But I'm open to doing whatever we have to do for the right deal."

"The kids aren't perfect, they're not complete yet," Colletti said. "I will not trade them for a chance to win for one year. But for a chance to win for many years? I'd do it in a heartbeat."

Colletti intimated he would use these trades, first, to find a legitimate star. The Dodgers need a legitimate star, in the prime of his career, who can lead on and off the field.

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