Kent Ain't Alone

While the Dodgers apparantly are addled by 2B Jeff Kent's venting of his feelings about the nose dive executed by the Dodgers just after the All Star break and in September, here's one opinion that equals his. Surely the Dodgers ownership isnt happy either - it is simply not good business or marketing to tell the obvious truth.

  It is not hard to read the owners' minds, to wit: We paid a lot of money for this? We promised the fans better. We can't raise prices, pay off the debt,  and get money back for our investment like this.

Surely the fans are growing tired of waiting. If there were to be a remake of the Casablanca film, Dodgers long sufferings  would be a sure lock to play the frustrated people idled so long while waiting for an exit visa from the lower depths to the promised land.

Us fans have been waiting longer than Kent.

That being said, it's hard to see all the blame falling on the now maligned but still multitalented Matt Kemp. He didnt sign Jeff Schmidt. He didn't decide to exile himself and James Loney in Vegas while that guy Betemit and Spinach-less Nomar G. took a half a season to knock in only two homers.

Kemp didn't lose the season or, if he did, he had lots of help.

What about Tomko and Hendricksen and Hernandez or the defensive limitations of the outfielders (one with aging legs and a bum arm and the other with a wing that would ground any flying or throwing bird).

Baseball has too many spinmeisters and too few truth tellers.

If a team told the truth about the guys it wants to peddle or dump, it would lessen if not eliminate getting anything of real value in return. 

But baseball professionals around the game know what is not being  told to the fans and with the Dodgers, it dont take a  genius to figure out why they went from ordinary to something less.

Here's  the message: make some  bum mistakes, we will give you the benefit of the doubt (or alibi) but it is still strike one.

Make bad mistakes or mistakes a second year in a row, for whatever reason: strike two.

Now here is the key. If it happens again, particularly three years in a row: strike three baby. You are outa here. Even if the alibis seem plausable, you are still gone 'cuz you is accident prone.  

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