The Dumb Blackout Rule

One of big league baseball's dumbest rules of all is that all teams refrain from making any moves during post season play -- thus,  it said, detracting from the teams on the field.

Garbage. Everybody knows most if not all teams show up for the League Championships and the Series (except the dumb and cheap ones) and there are tons of rumors and scuttlebutt swirling in the air.

There were the days when Dick Young of The New York Daily News had the best pipeline of all. Even Pete Gammons, when he was a print journalist instead of television guru, would be spilling over with tidbits. No more.

One rumor had the Dodgers maybe interested in Minnesota Twins center fielder Tori Hunter.

That'd be nice but the only way the Dodgers would be remotely interested would be if the Twins would take Juan Pierre off their hands in return. It would be worth paying Hunter $15 million or so if the Twins would take $6-7 million (affordable for them) of Pierre's deal.

Another had Cubs slugger, 3b Aramis Ramirez, may be on the block. This is the Dodgers biggest hole and a power spot.

Aramis is another $15 million-plus guy. But he is said to be only a fair fielder, and that would be generous. Also it is said he often does not run out grounders or fly balls, is a selfish hitter, and those things might upset the Jeff Kents of this world.

Another tidbit had the Phils interested in re-signing Randy Wolf, if the Dodgers don't work out an agreeable conditional contract with the lefty.

The Dodgers official line, or lack thereof, on the sacking of its longtime head trainer Stan Johnson (after likable deputy Matt Wilson was jettisoned last year) somehow has the smell of the old Fulton fish market around it.

If the owners said "just how many guys do we have to have doing the same job?" that would be one thing. But Stan Conte, the guy from San Francisco, is the survivor.

Now the owner justified the risky chance taken on $15 million a year Jeff Schmidt by saying "we did our due diligence" and Conte was close nearby Schmidt each and every day he was in San Francisco. This is due diligence?

As they would say in Flatbush "hrrrrmmphh!"

The owners have fessed up and said the real price tag of the fourth place finishes was not $100 million but $120 million.

Now in talking about our government there is a saying "ain't it wonderful we don't get all the government we pay for".  This ought to be adapted for the Dodgers to ask "why in the dickens didn't we get more of what we paid for?"

Mr. McCourt also opined -- egads, we are shocked -- that prices to see a Dodgers game will be going up. They ought to give him an honorary doctorate from PTB University, i.e,  the P.T. Barnum School of Business, aka There is a Sucker Born Every Minute.

Most of the names being bandied about these days are the easy familiar ones, the well known, etc. You have to dig a little to look for the diamonds. What will the Devil Rays do with Johnny Gomes? Where will Rocco Baldelli play?

Do the Marlins unload Miguel Cabrera now? Will the Mets consider letting go Aaron Heilmann, the late man itching to be a starter?

Do the penny-pitching Pirates have to consider letting the multi-talented Jason Bay hit the road? And what about their surplus of young and strong pitchers?

Where will pitching coach extraordinaire Dave Wallace end up after being let go in Houston? He once was the Dodgers acting GM and has long Dodgers ties, including being Orel Hershiser's personal pitching coach. Sure would be nice to see him back home. And he still has a home in Vero Beach.

And speaking of Hershiser, if Logan White, who's name keeps popping up for promotions elsewhere, slips away from the Dodgers, wouldn't Hershiser be itching to get out of the broadcast booth and back into harness?  

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