Vetters, Silverio Top 2007 Stats

The names of outfielders Travis Vetters, Alfredo Silverio and shortstop Jaime Pedroza were displayed prominently on the final 2007 minor league short-season batting lists.

Silverio won two-thirds of the triple crown, taking the batting title with a .363 average and topping the RBI chart with 46. Vetters was a four-time leader, in slugging average (.645), on-base percentage (1.026), triples (4) and home runs (14).

Pedroza, while winning only the doubles title with 18, finished second in the system in average slugging on base plus slugging percentage and hits.

Vetter's 14 home runs places him fourth on the all time list, trailing only Steve Garvey's 20 at Ogden in 1968, Lamont Matthews 17 at Yakima in 1999 and Greg Brock's 16 at Lethbridge in 1979.

The all-time short-season home run leaders:

20 - Steve Garvey, 1968, Ogden
17 - Lamont Matthews, Yakima, 1999
16 - Greg Brock, Lethbridge, 1970
14 - Travis Vetters, Ogden, 2007
13 - Chris Chapman, Lethbridge, 1983
13 - Mike Busch, Great Falls, 1979
13 - Drew Locke, Ogden, 2006
13 - Russ Mitchell, Ogden, 2006
12 - John Smith, Pocatello, 1964
12 - Candy Maldonado, Lethbridge, 1978
12 - Mike Marshall, Lethbridge, 1978
12 - Eric Karros, Great Falls, 1987
12 - Jon Tucker, Great Falls, 1996
12 - Travis Denker, Ogden, 1004
12 - Steve DeWitt, Ogden, 2004
12 - Josh Bell, Ogden, 2007

The exclusive list of LADugouts' 2007 leaders:

Average .373—Alfredo Silverio of GC
.360—Jaime Pedroza ss Og
.343—Andy Lambo of GC
.338—Erik Kanaby of Og
.331—Jovanny Rosario of Og
.315—Travis Vetters of Og
.305—Keyter Collado c. GC
.288—Pedro Guerrero ss DR

On-base percentage
.440—Andy Lambo of GC
.427—Erik Kanaby of Og
.421—Keyter Collado c GC
.413—Jaime Pedroza ss Og
.406—Alfredo Silverio of GC
.385—Joe Becker ss GC
.381—Travis Vetters of Og
.379—Elian Herrera 2b Og

.645—Travis Vetters of Og
.569—Jaime Pedroza ss Og
.544—Alfredo Silverio of GC
.519—Andy Lambo of GC
.488—Yossandy Garcia ss GC
.437—Jaime Ortiz 1b Og
.452—Jovanny Rosario of Og
.408—Pedro Baez 3b GC

On base + slugging
1.026—Travis Vetters of Og
.981—Jaime Pedroza ss Og
.960—Andy Lambo of GC
.950—Alfredo Silverio of GC
.828—Jovanny Rosario of Og
.826—Yossandy Garcia ss GC
.807—Jaime Ortiz 1b Og
.804—Erik Kanaby of Og

70—Jovanny Rosario of Og
63—Jose Arias 1b DR
60—Ramon Jean 3b DR
59—Jaime Ortiz 1b Og
58—Erik Kanaby of Og
57—Travis Vetters of Og
56—Pedro Guerrero ss DR
56—Jaime Pedroza ss Og

47—Jovanny Rosario of Og
45—Travis Vetters of Og
39—Joe Becker ss GC
38—Andy Lambo of GC
38—Alfredo Silverio of GC
38—Rafael Ynoa ss DR
35—Pedro Baez 3b GC
35—Pedro Guerrero ss DR

93—Jovanny Rosario of Og
76—Jaime Pedroza ss Og
72—Alfredo Silverio of GC
70—Erik Kanaby of Og
62—Andy Lambo of GC
62—Jaime Ortiz 1b Og
62—Travis Vetters of Og
57—Joe Becker ss GC
57—Pedro Guerrero ss DR
57—Ramon Jean 3b DR

18—Jaime Pedroza ss Og
15—Andy Lambo of GC
14—Pedro Baez 3b GC
13—Joe Becker ss GC
13—Justin Fuller 2b Og
13—Travis Vetters of Og
11—Austin Gallagher 3b Og
11—Pedro Guerrero ss DR
11—Ramon Jean 3b DR
10—Jovanny Rosario of Og
10—Pedro Tavarez c DR

5—Travis Vetters of Og
4—Jovanny Rosario of Og
3—Elian Herrera 2b Og
3—Alfredo Silverio of GC

Home runs
14—Travis Vetters of Og
11—Jaime Ortiz 1b Og
8—Yossandy Garcia ss GC
8—Jaime Pedroza ss Og
7—Jose Arias 1b DR
6—Alfredo Silverio of GC
5—Andy Lambo of GC
5—Brian Mathews 3b Og
5—Jovanny Rosario of Og

Runs batted
46—Alfredo Silverio of GC
41—Travis Vetters of Og
40—Jaime Pedroza ss Og
39—Pedro Baez 3b GC
35—Jaime Ortiz 1b Og
34—Jovanny Rosario of Og
32—Andy Lambo of GC
28—Jose Arias 1b DR
28—Pedro Guerrero ss DR
28—Pedro Tavarez c DR

Stolen bases
22-8—Jovanny Rosario of Og
13-5—Jerry Castillo of DR
11-2—Ramon Jean 3b DR
10-4—Joe Becker ss GC
9-3—Rafael Ynoa ss DR
8-3—Rafael Aybar 2b DR
8-9—Adrian Aviles of DR
8-10—Pedro Guerrero ss DR
8-10—Erik Kanaby of Og

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