Dodgers Wait for Ruling

Important decisions are being made in Phoenix -- no, I'm not talking about the Colorado-Arizona National League pennant opener, its the Glendale City Council voting on a construction contract for the Dodgers new spring training facility that they had hoped to start construction on in October. But they may not reach their goal.

Laurel Sheffel of the Arizona Republic reports that the council will vote on Tuesday to authorize entering into a contract with M.A. Mortenson Company -— which built Rockies' Coors Field -— for the construction of the two-team facility the Dodgers will share with the Chicago White Sox.

Glendale city officials were hoping to break ground in early October, but this step was another part of the process that had to be completed before that could happen. 

The Mortenson Company had been working on the designs and construction plans so as not to hold up the process, but once we have this contract, we are able to look at a groundbreaking," said Julie Frisoni, communications director for the city of Glendale.

Plans have taken longer than expected, Frisoni said, because of the large number of people involved in the project. However, Glendale officials are looking at the end of October or early November as the new target date to begin construction.

"We are confident in the 2009 date to open the facility, and everything seems to be well intact still," Frisoni told Scheffel.

Negotiations in Vero Beach-- Indian River County administrator Joe Baird says he is negotiating with a team to replace the Dodgers

Indian River County administrator Joe Baird has said he is negotiating with a major league baseball team to replace the Dodgers in Vero Beach, but he said last week his hopes of making an announcement this month were partly based on the Dodgers' plans to break ground in October. The more construction is pushed back, the longer he likely will have to wait to get a final departure date from the Dodgers.