Dominican Pitchers Dominate SS Charts

Dominican Pitchers dominated the short season standings, with Pedro Noboa leading in three departments and Gari Tavarez in three, while Luis Ferreras taking the top relief man honors in the exclusive LADugout statistical breakdowns.

The Dominican Dandies were led by Noboa who topped the system in strikeouts per nine innings (13.16), hits per nine innings (4.24) and in WHIP -- walks plus hits per nine innings (0.72). He was also second with an earned run average of 1.40.

Dominican pitchers lead in six of the nine categories and took all eight slots in the hits per nine inning department.

Tavarez led everyone with nine wins and 71 strikeouts, finishing second in total strikeouts (69).

Ferrera earned a dozen saves, led the system with 23 games pitched and in earned run average (0.99).

Mike Gardner of Ogden made a system-leading 15 starts and had 84.2 innings pitched.

Geison Aquasvis was second in wins (8) and Jhonny Carabello of Ogden saved 10. Daigoro Rondon waled 0.55 batters per nine innings.

In the team pitching department, the Dominicans recorded a 2.57 ERA, 20 saves and allowed only 427 hits in 582 innings (6.6 hits per nine innings). Ogden fanned 592 and surrendered on1y 231 walks (3.17 per nine innings) and the Coasties had a 2.5 to 1 strike out to walk ratio.
	   w-l   era	sv	in	hit	bb	so
Ogden	34-41	4.86	17	654	736	231	592
GCoast	40-15	3.60	11	452	440	171	422
Dom	43-25	2.57	20	582	427	252	558
The 2007 Pitching Leaders


9-3—Gari Tavarez DR
8-2—Geison Aquasviva DR
7-2—Daigoro Rondon GC
6-2—Carlos Frias DR
6-5—Mike Gardner Og
5-2—Jon Dutton GC
4-0—Paul Coleman Og
4-0—Kyle Smit GC

12—Luis Ferreras DR
10—Jhonny Caraballo Og
4—Ed Perez GC
3—Antonio Castillo DR
3—Raul Rivas DR
2—Kris Koss Og
2—Matt Sartor Og
2—Brandon Tuten GC

Earned run average
0.99—Luis Ferreras DR
1.40—Pedro Noboa DR
1.47—Eric Thompson GC
1.49—Raul Rivas DR
1.49—Gari Tavarez DR
1.50—Geison Aquasviva DR
1.75—Antonio Castillo DR
1.81—Carlos Frias DR

23—Luis Ferreras DR
18—Jon Haldis Og
18—Kris Koss Og
18—Given Kutz Og
18—Raul Rivas DR
17—Doug Brooks Og
17—Wilfredo Diaz Og
17—Kalen Gearhart Og

Games started
15—Mike Gardner Og
14—Gari Tavarez DR
12—Geison Aquasviva DR
12—Kris Krise GC/Og
11—Carlos Frias DR
9—Robert Blivens Og
8—Wilfredo Diaz Og
8—Cal Stanke Og

84.2—Mike Gardner Og
66.2—Gari Tavarez DR
66.0—Geison Aquasviva DR
65.1—Kris Krise GC/Og
65.0—Daigoro Rondon GC
60.0—Jon Dutton GC
56.2—Robert Blivens Og
55.0—Wilfredo Diaz Og

71—Gari Tavarez DR
69—Geison Aquasviva DR
61—Doug Brooks Og
61—Wilfredo Diaz Og
59—Daigoro Rondon GC
58—Jon Dutton GC
56—Pedro Noboa DR
53—Kris Krise GC/Og

SO per 9 innings
13.16—Pedro Noboa DR
10.96—Doug Brooks Og
10.75—Bolivar Medina DR
9.98—Wilfredo Diaz Og
9.65—Gari Tavarez DR
9.52—Kris Koss Og
9.41—Geison Aquasviva DR
8.97—Luis Ferreras DR

Hits per 9 innings
4.24—Pedro Noboa DR
5.30—Gari Tavarez DR
5.49—Carlos Frias DR
5.65—Luis Ferreras DR
5.66—Antonio Castillo DR
5.86—Geison Aquasviva DR
5.89—Raul Rivas DR
6.75—Bolivar Medina DR

Walks per 9 innings
0.55—Daigoro Rondon GC
1.44—Robert Blivens Og
1.56—Antonio Castillo DR
1.91—Geison Aquasviva DR
1.93—Kalen Gearhart Og
2.08—Juan Santana DR
2.10—Given Kutz Og
2.31—Gari Tavarez DR

Walks+Hits per 9
0.72—Pedro Noboa DR
0.80—Antonio Castillo DR
0.84—Gari Tavarez DR
0.86—Geison Aquasviva DR
1.07—Given Kutz Og
1.07—Raul Rivas DR
1.11—Carlos Frias DR
1.11—Daigoro Rondon GC