What To Do About Lindsey Could Be Hot Topic

Very shortly the Dodgers will asemble various executives, managers and coaches to dsicuss the players in the organization. They'll evaluate each one to decide where to place himn for the 2008 season. When they get around to John Lindsey, the talks might be interesting.

If Lindsey didn't quite have what could be termed a "monster season" in 2007, it certainly loomed large. He was the organizational leader in three vital departments as he hit 30 home runs, drove in 121 (which led all the minors) and slugged .590. On a team as power-starved as Los Angeles you might well believe, there would be no question about what has to be done with him- promote him to the major league roster.

But they probably won't. Such promotions at this time are reserved for the bright young hopefuls who have become draft elible and must be protected. Often there isn't enough room to collect all those they'd like to save for future use. But notice the word "young". That's the problem with Lindsey for he's 30 years old.

He first was drafted (in the 13th round) by the Rockies back in 1995. Since then he's veen wandering around the minors and finally into indepebndent ball, that baseball purgatory where lost souls gather to see if they'll be redeemed for at least one more try.

So, the tendency may well be to feel that 2007 was an aberration for John, rather than a case of his climbing toward his potential. It certainly was his peak for in 13 years, he'd never even played AAA before, terming the day he reached Las Vegas as "the greatest trhing that's ever happened to me-even better than the birth of my son."

There is precedent for ignoring such statistics, gaudy as they are. In 2004, they had signed a Mexican first first baseman named Luis Garcia. All season long as he hit balls out of the yard with regularity, it was rumored he was due for a call-up. He wound up the year with 32 homers, 95 ribblies and a .314 average. Not only did he never get that call, he was allowed to walk to free agency and never did grace a big league roster.

So, they may well pass on Lindsey, too, and, if they do, he', too, would become a free agent.

But there's something else in John's favor that maybe they should consider. He's a giant Teddybear of a guy, one of the most affable men you'll ever meet. He graces any clubhouse he's in; so much so that even Jeff Kent would find it hard to fault him.

Okay, so he is 6-2, 230 and tends to spreak out so that they well hang one of those "wide load" signs on his belt. He's as slow as that proverbial check in the mail. But there is that undeniable ability to lift a ball out of any park.

They could probably keep him by signing him to a minor league contract with an invitation to train with the big club in the spring. He'll be 31 but in the usual crowd assembled under such conditions that will make him one of the younger guys.

Otherwise he can seek his next destination- on the road again. Too bad if it happens for to see him get a few big league-at bats would be a feel-good story for sure.

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