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Clayton Kershaw and James McDonald, the left-right Dodger pitching combination, led LADugout.com's exclusive pitching charts during the 2007 season. Kershaw topped the pitching corps in ERA, SO/9 and H/9 lists, while McDonald topped the system in wins, strikeouts and WHIP.

It was the second earned run average title for Kershaw, after capturing the short-season crown for the Gulf Coasties in 2006.

Splitting his time between Great Lakes and Jacksonville, the 19-year old crafted a 2.95 ERA. He topped the charts in hits per nine innings (6.57) and strikeouts per nine innings (12.74.

McDonald, who pitched for Inland Empire and Jacksonville and also won the organization's "Pitcher of the Year" award, won 13 games,struck out 168 and allowed only 1.17 walks plus hits per inning, all three the best in the franchise.

Working in both Jacksonville and Las Vegas, Jon Maloan put his name at the top of the charts in saves (20) and hits per nine innings by a reliever (4.89). Kyle Wilson led all relievers by walking only 1.36 batters per game and with his 2.00 WHIP at Inland Empire.

Miguel Pinango was a double winner in the workhorse department, starting 28 games and pitching 154 innings for Inland Empire and Las Vegas. Casey Hoorelbeke joined him in that department, working in 63 games.

Joey Norrito was another winner, using sharp control to allow only two walks per nine innings and ?Jacobo Meque topped the relief corps with 12.74 strikeouts per nine innings for Inland Empire.

The top 10 in each department:
13-9—James McDonald IE/Jx
12-4—Marlon Arias IE
11-10—Miguel Pinango IE/LV
10-4—Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
10-8—William Juarez Jx/LV
10-8—Cody White IE
9-9—Eric Cyr Jx/LV
8-5—Joey Norrito Jx
8-5—Justin Orenduff Jx
8-7—Clayton Kershaw GL/Jx

20—Jon Meloan Jx/LV
16—Miguel Ramirez GL/IE
14—Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
14—Kyle Wilson IE
11—Eric Hull LV
6—Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
6—Cory Wade IE/Jx
5—Mark Alexander Jx/LV

Earned run average
2.95—Clayton Kershaw GL/Jx
3.07—James McDonald IE/Jx
3.14—Cody White IE
3.65—D.J. Houlton LV
4.08—Eric Cyr Jx/LV
4.13—Joey Norrito Jx
4.18—Josh Wall GL
4.21—Miguel Pinango IE/LV
4.21—Justin Orenduff Jx
4.78—Jesus Castillo IE

Earned run average
1.09—Kyle Wilson IE
1.57—Miguel Ramirez GL
2.06—Jon Meloan Jx/LV
2.09—Cory Wade IE/Jx
2.39—Miguel Ramirez GL/IE
2.42—Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
2.74—Eric Hull LV
3.05—Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
3.15—Garrett White IE
3.65—D.J. Houlton LV

63—Casey Hoorelbeke LV
55—Jacobo Meque IE
51—Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
49—Eric Hull LV
49—Jon Meloan Jx /LV
48—Mark Alexander Jx/LV
47—Miguel Ramirez GL/IE
45—Matt Riley Jx/LV
44—Brian Akin Jx/LV
44—Jordan Pratt IE
44—Wesley Wright Jx/LV

Games started
28—Miguel Pinango IE/LV
27—Eric Cyr Jx/LV
26—William Juarez Jx/LV
26—Cody White IE
25—Clayton Kershaw GL/Jx
25—James McDonald IE/Jx
24—Javy Guerra IE
24—Josh Wall GL
23—Marlon Arias IE
23—Justin Orenduff Jx

154.0—Miguel Pinango IE/LV
145.2—Eric Cyr Jx/LV
143.1—Cody White IE
142.0—William Juarez Jx/LV
134.2—James McDonald IE/Jx
130.0—Jesus Castillo IE
129.1—Josh Wall GL
128.2—Marlon Arias IE
122.0—Clayton Kershaw GL/Jx
120.2—Spike Lundberg LV

168—James McDonald IE/Jx
163—Clayton Kershaw GL/Jx
121—Javy Guerra IE
113—William Juarez Jx/LV
113—Justin Orenduff Jx
113—Miguel Pinango IE/LV
110—Brian Akin Jx/LV
105—Eric Cyr Jx/LV
103—Mario Alvarez IE
103—Josh Wall GL

Strikeouts per nine innings
12.02—Clayton Kershaw GL/Jx
11.27—James McDonald IE/Jx
9.33—Justin Orenduff Jx
9.29—Javy Guerra IE
8.70—Mike Megrew Jx
8.18—Eric Stults LV
7.81—D.J. Houlton LV
7.26—Zach Hammes Jx
4.20—Steven Johnson GL

Strikeouts per nine innings
12.74—Jacobo Meque IE
12.37—Jon Meloan Jx /LV
11.46—Greg Miller Jx/LV
11.18—Eric Hull LV
11.06—Rick Bauer LV
10.81—Mark Alexander Jx/LV
10.81—Matt Riley Jx/LV
10.81—Garrett White IE
10.50—Luis Gonzalez Jx/LV
10.1?—Jordan Pratt IE

Hits per nine innings
6.57—Clayton Kershaw GL/Jx
8.11—James McDonald IE/Jx
8.87—Cody White IE
9.00—D.J. Houlton LV
9.25—Justin Orenduff Jx
9.38—Mike Megrew Jx
9.48—Josh Wall GL
9.88—Miguel Pinango IE/LV
9.92—Eric Cyr Jx/LV
9.97—Jesus Castillo IE

Hits per nine innings
4.89—Jon Meloan Jx /LV
5.57—Luis Gonzalez Jx/LV
6.55—Cory Wade IE/Jx
7.09—Kyle Wilson IE
7.68—Jacobo Meque IE
7.68—Greg Miller Jx/LV
7.73—Miguel Ramirez GL
7.99—Garrett White IE
8.07—B.J. LaMura LV
8.08—Mark Alexander Jx/LV
8.08—Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx

Walks per nine innings
2.00—Joey Norrito Jx
2.48—James McDonald IE/Jx
2.54—Eric Cyr Jx/LV
2.57—Miguel Pinango IE/LV
2.70—Spike Lundberg LV
2.77—Jesus Castillo IE
2.87—Zach Hammes Jx
3.31—D.J. Houlton LV
3.35—Josh Wall GL
3.51—Marion Aries IE

Walks per nine innings
1.36—Kyle Wilson IE
2.17—Dwayne Pollok LV
2.17—Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
2.42—Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
2.50—Garrett White IE
2.55—Cory Wade IE/Jx
2.97—Casey Hoorelbeke LV
2.99—Matt White  LV
3.09—Francisco Felix GL/IE
3.59—Eric Hull LV

Walks + Hits/innings pitched
1.17—James McDonald IE/Jx
1.25—Joey Norrito Jx
1.28—Clayton Kershaw GL/Jx
1.37—D.J. Houlton LV
1.38—Eric Cyr Jx/LV
1.38—Miguel Pinango IE/LV
1.39—Cody White IE
1.42—Jesus Castillo IE
1.42—Josh Wall GL
1.44—Justin Orenduff Jx

Walks + Hits/innings pitched
0.84—Kyle Wilson IE
0.95—Jon Meloan Jx /LV
1.01—Cory Wade IE/Jx
1.16—Garrett White IE
1.17—Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
1.22—Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
1.24—Francisco Felix GL/IE
1.29—Eric Hull LV
1.32—Matt White LV
1.43—Miguel Ramirez GL
*Note: LV= Las Vegas; Jx=Jacksonville; IE= Inland Empire; GL= Great Lakes.

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