John Lindsey Heads Minor League Charts

LADugout's exclusive leader charts show that John Lindsey nearly earned a franchise triple crown during the 2007 season, leading in home runs (30) and runs batted in (121), while hitting .317.

Wilson Valdez captured the batting crown to keep him from running the board. Lindsey also topped the charts in slugging average (.590) and OBP (on base plus slugging) .975.

Valdez, along with the batting title, also led the franchise in on-base percentage with a .413 mark.

Chin-Lung Hu scored 89 runs and had 168 hits to lead in those departments, while Delwyn Young set a Las Vegas record with 54 doubles.

Ryan Rogowski won the speed double, whacking nine triples and stealing 39 bases. In addition, his 39-7 led the franchise in stolen base percentage.

The 2007 leader board:
.343—?Wilson Valdez ss LV
.337—?Delwyn Young of LV
.325—?Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
.317?—John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
.312?—Eduardo Perez 1b GL
.309?—Jamie Hoffman of IE
.302?—Luis Maza 2b Jx/LV
.296—?Bridger Hunt of GL/IE
.292—?Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
.291—?Adolfo Gonzalez 2b GL/IE
.291—?Xavier Paul Jx

On-base percentage
.413—?Wilson Valdez ss LV
.385—?John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
.384?—Delwyn Young of LV
.382—?A.J. Ellis c Jx
.378—?Jamie Hoffman of IE
.370—?Ivan De Jesus ss IE
.369—?Anthony Raglani of Jx
.367—?Luis Maza 2b Jx/LV
.366—?Xavier Paul Jx
.364?—Juan Gonzalez 2b Jx
.364?—Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV

Slugging average
.590?—John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
.571?—Delwyn Young of LV
.507—?Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
.488—?Russell Mitchell 1b IE
.485?—Marshall McDougall 3b LV
.471?—Matt Berezay of GL
.466—?Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
.465—?Lucas May c IE
.461—?Anthony Raglani of Jx
.460—?Eduardo Perez 1b GL

On base + slugging
.975—?John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
.955—?Delwyn Young of LV
.871?—Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
.848?—Wilson Valdez ss LV
.833?—Jamie Hoffman of IE
.830?—Anthony Raglani of Jx
.823?—Eduardo Perez 1b GL
.815?—Matt Berezay of GL
.812?—Russell Mitchell 1b IE
.810?—Marshall McDougall 3b LV

139—?Marshall McDougall 3b LV
136—?Anthony Raglani of Jx
133?—John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
128?—Josh Bell 3b GL/IE
128?—Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
128?—Lucas May c IE
127?—Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
126?—Russell Mitchell 1b IE
121?—Ivan De Jesus ss IE
121?—Choo Freeman of LV
121—?Ryan Rogowski of IE
121—?Delwyn Young of LV

89—?Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
81—?Lucas May c IE
81?—Russell Mitchell 1b IE
81?—Wilson Valdez ss LV
79?—John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
76?—Anthony Raglani of Jx
72?—Marshall McDougall 3b LV
69?—Josh Bell 3b GL/IE
69?—Ivan De Jesus ss IE
69?—Bridger Hunt of GL/IE

168—?Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
165?—Delwyn Young of LV
151?—Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
146?—Marshall McDougall 3b LV
144—John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
134—?Jamie Hoffman of IE
132—?Russell Mitchell 1b IE
130?—Lucas May c IE
129?—Eduardo Perez 1b GL
128?—Josh Bell 3b GL/IE

54?—Delwyn Young of LV
42?—Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
40?—Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
36?—Marshall McDougall 3b LV
34?—Matt Berezay of GL
32?—John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
32?—Russell Mitchell 1b IE
30?—James Tomlin of IE/Jx
27?—Ryan Rogowski of IE
25?—Lucas May c IE

9—?Ryan Rogowski of IE
7?—Jamie Hoffman of IE
7?—Preston Mattingly 2b GL
6?—Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
6?—Wilkin Ruan of LV
5—?Matt Berezay of GL
5?—Bridger Hunt of GL/IE
5?—Anthony Raglani of Jx
5?—Delwyn Young of LV

Home runs
30—?John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
25—?Lucas May c IE
22—?Marshall McDougall 3b LV
22?—Russell Mitchell 1b IE
21?—Anthony Raglani ofJx
18?—Andy LaRoche 3b LV
17?—Josh Bell 3b GL/IE
17?—Delwyn Young of LV
14—?Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
14—?Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
14—?Eduardo Perez 1b GL

Runs batted in
121?—John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
97—?Delwyn Young of LV
95—?Marshall McDougall 3b LV
89?—Lucas May c IE
82—?Russell Mitchell 1b IE
81—?Jamie Hoffman of IE
68?—Anthony Raglani of Jx
66?—Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
64?—Matt Berezay of GL
62—?Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV

Stolen bases
 [15 attempts]
39-7?—Ryan Rogowski IE
24-8—?Adam Godwin of IE
22-9—Tray Robinson of GL
21-5?—James Tomlin of IE/Jx
19-7?—Jamie Hoffman of IE
17-9?—Xavier Paul of JX
15-8?—Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
15-14—?Bridger Hunt of GL/IE
14-6?—Wilson Valdez ssLV
11-6—Ivan De Jesus IE

Stolen base percentag
.848?—Ryan Rogowski of IE
.808?—James Tomlin of IE/Jx
.750?—Adam Godwin of IE
.731—?Jamie Hoffman of IE
.710?—Tray Robinson of GL
.700?—Wilson Valdez ss LV
.654?—Xavier Paul JX
.652—?Chin-Lung Hu ss IE/LV
.517—?Bridger Hunt of GL/IE

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