Yanks Not Talking About Their Next Manager

The announcement of the next manager of the New York Yankees could come as soon as tomorrow (Monday) the way the World Series is playing out. Why Dodger fans give a whoop in a rain-barrel about that can be summed up in one word: Girardi.

Joe Girardi is the hottest managerial commodity on the market at this time (other than Hanna Montana tickets) and odds are NY will hand him the reins they tore from the hands of Joe Torre, who only won "only" seven division titles and four World Series (or some other unbelievable number) in his 10 years as Yankee skipper.

Why the Dodgers are now suddenly interested is yet another mystery.

Girardi has been available almost from the time he was fired by Florida a couple years ago (and then was awarded the "Manager of the Year" title after his only season as the Marlin's manager). But rumors continue to circulate that L.A. suddenly wants him as their skipper. (One Dodger source said "Hell no," when asked as to whether Girardi would make sense as bench coach.

The Yankees seem to be in the process of refitting, with George's son, Hank Steinbrenner, moving into the top position in the Yankee's ivory tower. And it now appears that Hank has handed off the selection of the new ruler of the known universe to General manager Brian Cashman.

Of course, he isn't saying anything, either.

If Cashman picks Girardi, they lose Don Mattingly who was seemingly being groomed to take over. If Cashman picks Mattingly, he loses the master strategist who is at or near the top of everyone's managerial wish lists.

Girardi has turned down Baltimore at about $1.3 million a year, turned down an interview in Washington. Rumors have it he also turned down the Royals.

Suddenly, the Dodgers seem to have thrust themselves into the mix after everyone in the front office had claimed that incumbent Grady Little, who has a year and an option left on his contract, would be the man in the dugout in 2008.

Has something happened in the meantime to change their thoughts?

Now the Dodgers are saying Little is the manager "for now," not exactly the endorsement that would make you want to put a down payment on a home in the Hollywood hills.

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