Brumley Named To Minors Staff

While the Dodgers are busy on the big league front negotiating with Joe Torre, they've made some moves in the minor league area to begin shaping up their staff for the 2008 season.

DeJon Watson, newly promoted himself to the position of assistant to the general manager, has added an assistant field cororinator and officially handed the role of hitting instructor to Gene Clines

The team hasn't had an assistant field cordinator for several seasons but will now with the selection of Mike Brumley for the position. A big league infielder for five teams from 1987 through 1999, he was the field cordinator for the Texas Raangers last year. In his new role, he'll assist P. J. Carey.

His appointment makes him part of a father-son Dodger legacy, at least, on the minor league level. His father, also named Mike, was a catcher in the system in the 1960's, rising to the 40-man roster before being traded to the Washington Senators for whom he played in the big leagues.

The position of hitting instructor has been vacant ever since the death of Bill Robinson last summer. However, Clines, who has been the outfield and baserunning instructor, took over as the de facto coach at that time.

A 10-year veteran of major league play, he also has plenty of experience as a hitting coach, having served the Giants, Mariners, Astros and Cubs in that capacity.

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