Dodgers Lose John Barr To Giants

The Dodgers have lost a vital part of their scouting corps with the decision of John Barr to accept a position as assistant to the general manager of the San Francisco Giants.

For the past 10 years Barr has been the East Coast supervisor for scouting for Los Angeles. As part of his duties, he would crosscheck prospects recommended by area scouts for possible drafting. As such he participated in the acquisition of such players as Russell Martin, Jonathan Broxton, Scott Proctor and Edwin Jackson.

In addition, recent signees have included Justin Orenduff, just promoted to the Dodger roster, plus such highly regarded prospects as Ivan DeJesus, Jr;, Josh Bell and Steve Johnson. In this past June's draft, Austin Gallagher, Danny Danielson, Chris Jacobs and Timothy Sexton were added to the list.

Before joining the Dodgers Barr had been scouting director for the Orioles and the Mets along with serving as assistant to the general manager for the Padres.

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