Rodney "Crash" McCray Joins Dodgers

Rodney McCray had something of a major league career, playing for the Mets and the White Sox. However, it was while he was in the minors that he achieved a sort of immotality in the game.

That was in 1991 when playing the outfield in Vancouver , he was tracking down a fly ball. So diligent was he that the presence of the outfield wall deterred him not at all. Fortunately, it was made of plywood so when McCray met it head-on he collapsed it as he kept on truckin'. It was all recorded on video tape and often shown throughout the country for a long while.

It's doubtful if that method will be part of what he teaches but outfielding is one of the subjects he'll be imparting to Dodger minor leaguers as a newly hired organizational instructor. Baserunning is the other skill he'll be teaching.

As such, McCray replaces Gene Clines as the coordinator who'll roam the minors for those departments. Clines has been made the hitting coordinator, replacing the late Bill Robinson in that category.

McCray has had similar duties with the Reds in the past. He was there when Dodger director of player personnel DeJon Watson was a Cincinnati scout.