Rumor Central Involves Dodger Outfielders

With the signing of Andruw Jones, a completely different range of trade options have opened up for the Dodgers. Unless they intend to keep Ethier, Kemp and Pierre, it would seem one of them might be used to trade of the pitching help the Dodgers feel they need.

That could, of course, change if they land Japanese free-agent starter Hiroki Kuroda. Both Andre Ethier and Juan Pierre (praise be) are now at least rumored to be in demand.

The Rays (nee Devil Rays) are searching for a left-handed outfielder and are offering, or may offer, pitching in exchange.

With OF Matt Kemp having the higher potential, he is considered more prized, so the Dodgers may be willing to offer Ethier in their efforts to upgrade their rotation. They've hoping to land Orioles LHP Erik Bedard, but the Rays could tempt them with younger and cheaper alternatives. Or perhaps relief help (Al Reyes or Dan Wheeler?).

In the meantime, the Chicago Sun Times notes the White Sox, longing for a leadoff man to team with Orlando Cabrera at the top of their lineup, could be interested in Pierre, who seems to be the logical man out of the four outfielders still in the Dodgers stable.

Delwyn Young could certainly handle the hitting part of the fourth outfielder slot and hopefully, a rejuvenated Jason Repko has been a major league quality fielder for some time and the pair could fill the requirements.

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