Mitchell Reports Names Names

The findings of former Sen. George Mitchell's report concerning use of performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball were released Thursday and carried live on CNN and ESPN.

Many high-profile, superstar-caliber players were among those named, the product of a 21-month, multimillion dollar investigation that could shape decisions, prompt punitive actions against active players, and usher in the next era of the sport.

The press the lengthy report spans 311 pages, plus multiple exhibits, including evidence of signed checks, handwritten notes and shipping receipts.

A number of Dodger major and minor league players are among those listed, We won't go into the specifics but if you are interested, had a PDF with the entire report on it, showing checks and delivery receipts from an alleged provider of illegal steroids/human growth hormone.

Interestingly enough, the report quotes Bob Nightengale, writing in the L.A. Times, July 20, 1994: "Come on, you know there's no steroid use in baseball. Those bodies and dramatic increases in strength and bat speed are only the byproducts of these athletes dedicating their bodies to the gym all winter ... That's what baseball tells us."

Commissioner Selig was quoted in the article as having said that "[i]f baseball has a problem, I must say candidly that we were not aware of it . . . . It certainly hasn't been talked about much." Nightengale reported that, according to Selig, the issue had been discussed among the owners at a meeting eighteen months earlier and that "no one had any evidence that steroid use should be a concern."

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