Ruan Re-Ups With Dodgers Again

You won't find his name on the list of those that have received invitations to train with the big club as non-roster participants although he insists that somewhere out there there's a big league team he can help. The Dodgers might not quite agree with him on that point but still they think enough of him that once again they have joined forces with Wilkin Ruan.

Ruan of course did do some little service in the outfield for Los Angeles in 2002 and 2003. This is the second year in a row that he's left to go into the wilds of free agency only to come back to provide what service may be required.

Last year he began at Jacksonville where he hit .289. Promoted to Las Vegas he hit .282. He provided only two home runs over that span for speed not power is Wilkin's game and although he's now 29 years only he still has plenty of that.

And it would seem that he has some value, too. He had hoped for that big league invitation but although it wasn't forthcoming, he's still here, seeing where he can fit in at a high level.

In the meantime he's playing winter ball in his native Dominican Republic.

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