Penny's May 5th Victory Tops Charts

Brad Penny stifled the Pirates on May 5, allowing five hits and no runs over seven innings while striking out 14 to record 81 Run Scores, a total that gave him the top start of the 2007. Penny holds six of the top 20 RS recorded during season. He also held the top average Run Score.

Developed by Bill James, Run Scores gives different point values for innings pitched and strikeouts, while subtracting for hits, runs and walks. A score of 50 is average with 70 in the fine range, 80 in the remarkable department and over 90 incredible.

Billingsley allowed only three hits, no runs, no walks and he had nine strikeouts to earn a point total of 80 on July 1 against San Diego, deadlocking him with Wolf's May 11 shutout of Cincinnati that saw him allow four hits and strike out 11.

The young mister Billingsley also placed fourth, sixth, 16th and 17th on the top 20 list. Wolf had only a pair before missing the second half of the season with an injury.

Derek Lowe tied Billingsley four fourth place with 78 points on June 9. He limited Toronto to four hits and one run in a 1-0 complete game loss.

Billingsley (August 3 at Houston) and Jason Schmidt (April 10 at San Diego) lost 1-0 games but pitched well enough to finish in the top 20 despite the defeat. Schmidt allowed one hits in six innings and made his only appearance on the chart in his final appearance of the season.

The top 20 starts

Starter score opp
81—Penny 6-1 at Florida
80—Billingsley 5-0 San Diego
80—Wolf 2-0 Cincinnati
78—Billingsley 10-2 at Houston
78—Lowe 0-1 Toronto

77—Billingsley 5-0 at San Diego
77—Tomko 2-1 Colorado
75—Lowe 6-3 at Atlanta
75—Lowe 2-1 at San Diego
75—Wolf 2-1 Chicago

74—Lowe 5-0 at Washington
72—Hendrickson 2-1 Arizona
72—Penny 4-3 Toronto
72—Penny 8-1 at Arizona
71—Schmidt 0-1 at San Diego

70—Billingsley 0-1 Arizona
70—Billingsley 5-2 at Philadelphia
70—Penny 3-0 Colorado
70—Penny 2-1 at St. Louis
70—Penny 10-3 Philadelphia

Season's Average

Penny topped the starting staff with a 54.9 average over his 33 starts, just edging Billingsley (54.2 in 20). Lowe (51.7 in 32) and Wolf (50.1 in 18) finished up the first four.

The rest of the starters finished below average on the year with David Wells surprising with a 47.4 average, fifth on the team, in his seven starts.

Average RS per start
54.9—Penny (33)
54.2—Billingsley (20)
51.7—Lowe (32)
51.1—Wolf (18)
47.4—Wells (7)
43.5—Tomko (15)
42.2—Stults (5)
42.0—Schmidt (6)
40.7—Kuo (6)
37.2—Loaiza (5)
35.7—Hendrickson (15)
46.6—Team average

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