Andrew Lambo Our Rookie of the Year

The Guy Wellman Award, named after long-time coordinator of instruction and field coordinator, is awarded by Dodgers Dugout/ annually and is the 20th rookie to be honored.

Good scouts do their homework. That involves more than just checking out a player's field performances but learning as much about him as they can. Dodger scouts routinely do such checking and it often pays off. Thats how they landed Andrew Lambo, our Rookie of the Year.

It certainly did this past spring. Everyone knew that Andrew Lambo had one of the finer bats in all Southern California. But there were rumors that he also came with considerable baggage. Many scouts whispered that he was a troublemaker, an off-the-field problem.

The Dodgers are an organization that considered character very much in the equation when evaluating a player. So, they did considerable backgrounding on Lambo and found the case to be not quite what it was pictured.

They discovered that many of his so-called transgressions were exaggerated. What's more, those that had occurred had happened when he was a sophomore in high school, running with an older crowd. He had since moved to a smaller town and had straightened his life out. They did an in-depth interview with him and found him to be a good kid looking for a chance.

They evaluated him as having a first-round bat but felt since so many other teams were shying away they could gamble and wait a bit on him. In the fourth round, they pulled the trigger, drafted and signed him.

They sent him to the Gulf Coast League and they're certainly not sorry about the results. His batting prowess turned out to be every bit as good as contended. His swing reminds many of that of James Loney- a smooth, left-handed cut- and the results were splendid- a .345 average with signs of power as he produced five homers.

He also reminds people of Loney in that he's a stylish first baseman but he wasn't used all that much there. No, they wanted to see his play in right field and there he did just fine, fielding well and showing an arm that can handle the post.

Off the field? No problems at all. Lambo has vowed to make the Dodgers glad they gave him the chance and so far he's done all that. Certainly he did more than enough to win this award as the Dodgers Rookie of the Year.

The award will be presented before a spring training game.

His record:
Andrew Lambo	  bl  tl  6-3  198
 b-August 11, 1988  
Obtained- Selected in the fifth round, 2008 amateur draft
year	team   ave  obp  slug   gm   ab   r   h  2b 3b hr  rbi
2007	GCL   .343 .440  .519   54  181  38  62  15  1  5   32

 Wellman Award winners:

2007—1B Andrew Lambo, GC Dodgers
2006—LHP Clayton Kershaw, GC Dodgers
2005—RHP Chad Billingsley, VB-Jacksonville
2004—LHP Greg Miller, VB-Jacksonville
2003—LHP Jonathan Figueroa, Great Falls
2002—1B James Loney, Great Falls
2001—OF Victor Diaz, GC Dodgers
2000—RHP Heath Totten, Yakima
1999—OF Chin-Feng Chen, San Antonio
1998—OF Jorge Piedra, Yakima
1997—LFP Jeff Williams, San Antonio
1996—LFP Ted Lilly, Yakima
1995—3B Adrian Beltré, Santo Domingo
1994—RHP Chan-Ho Park, San Antonio
1993—OF Karim Garcia, Bakersfield
1992—SS Wilton Guerrero, La Vega, DR
1991—RHP Terric McFarlin, Bakersfield
1990—1B Mike Busch, Great Falls
1989—RHP Kiki Jones, Great Falls
1988—RHP Chris Nichting, Vero Beach

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