Arias Tops L.A. Game Scores Charts

Marlon Arias pitched a no-hitter against Bakersfield May 9, recording 95 pitching Game Scores to lead the Dodger minor league system. James McDonald, Clayton Kershaw and Miguel Pinango tops the season average in this exclusive feature.

Game Scores, developed by Bill James to measure single game performances, is determined by a formula using points gained for hitters retired, innings pitched and strikeouts, with hits, earned and unearned runs and walks subtracted.

Using a 100-point scale, 50 is an average game, 60 or more good, 70 or more very good, 80 or more excellent and if you can break 90 -- well, as you can see over some 800 minor league games play, only Arias and Dominican Pedro Noboa (92) reached that lofty height.

The top 10 minor league games pitched in 2007, after Arias' and Noboa's masterpieces, belonged to Clayton Kershaw (86), Cody White (83) pitching for Great Lakes.

William Juarez led Las Vegas with an 80 and Justin Orenduff topped the Jacksonville list with an identical total. Arias and Kershaw were the Inland Empire and Great Lakes leaders.

The top 15 full-season leaders:
95—Arias, InE 2-0 Bakersfield
86—Kershaw, GLakes 3-1 Dayton
83—CWhite, GLakes 4-0 Beloit 
80—Juarez, LV 7-4 Portland
80—Orenduff, Jx 5-1 Mississippi
80—McDonald, InE 5-0 Stockton

78—Megrew 6-10 at Carolina
78—Pinango, InE 2-1 Rch Cucamonga
77—Kershaw, Jx 3-4 at Mobile
77—Megrew, Jx 1-0 Tenn
77—Wall, GLk 10-1 Cedar Rapids

76—Bastardo, InE 6-2 Lake Elsinore
76—Castillo, InE 4-7 Rch Cucamonga
76—Kershaw, GLk 3-0 at Kane Co
76—McDonald, Jx 3-1 at Carolina

 Las Vegas
80—Juarez 7-4 Portland
74—GMiller 9-5 Colo Springs
74—Cyr 0-9 Albuquerque
72—Pinango 3-2 Tucson

70—Pinango 2-0 at Omaha
66—May 5-1 Salt Lake
66—Stults 6-1 at Portland
66—Houlton 3-5 at Tacoma
66—Lindberg 3-4 Albuquerque
65—Pinango 3-2 Albuquerque

80—Orenduff 5-1 Mississippi
78—Megrew 6-10 at Carolina
77—Megrew 1-0 Tenn
77—Kershaw 3-4 at Mobile
76—McDonald 3-1 at Carolina

75—Juarez 1-2 Birmingham
74—Elbert 1-3 WTennessee
74—Kershaw 3-0 Mississippi
72—Juarez 7-0 WTennessee
72—Cyr 5-3 at Birmingham
72—McDonald 9-4 Birmingham

 Inland Empire
95—Arias 2-0 Bakersfield
80—McDonald 5-0 Stockton
78—Pinango 2-1 Rch Cucamonga
76—Castillo 4-7 Rch Cucamonga
76—Bastardo 6-2 Lake Elsinore

75—Pinango 1-0 Lancaster
74—McDonald 6-1 at Visalia
74—Castillo 7-0 at Visalia
74—Schmidt 2-1 Rch Cucamonga
73—McDonald 4-2 at Stockton
73—McDonald 3-2 Rch Cucamonga

 Great Lakes
86—Kershaw 3-1 Dayton
83—CWhite 4-0 Beloit
77—Wall 10-1 Cedar Rapids
76—Kershaw 3-0 at Kane Co
75—Kershaw 2-1 Cedar Rapids
75—Kershaw 7-3 Lansing

74—Felix 2-4 Quad Cities
74—CWhite 2-1 South Bend
74—Johnson 3-2 at Cedar Rapids
71—Melgarejo 0-3 Quad Cities
Short Season Leaders
Paul Coleman led Ogden (80), Jonathan Dutton (78) and Noboa (92) topped the Gulf Coast League and DSL lists.

Coleman earned spots on both the full season leader-board (with Great Lakes) and the short season charts (Ogden).
 Short-Season top 10
92—Noboa, DSL 2-0 at Royals
80—Coleman, Og 7-1 Casper
79—Krise, Og 3-1 at Orem
78—Dutton 6-1  at Cardinals
78—Gardner, Og 2-0 Idaho Falls

76—Coleman, Og 9-3  at Casper
75—Blevins, Og 7-0  at Missoula
75—Smit, GCL 4-0  at Nationals
72—Gardner, Og8-1  Orem
72—Noboa, DSL6-3  Rays
72—Tavarez, DSL1-0  at Rays

80—Coleman 7-1 Casper
79—Krise 3-1 at Orem
78—Gardner 2-0 Idaho Falls
76—Coleman 9-3 at Casper
75—Blevins 7-0 at Missoula
72—Gardner 8-1 Orem

69—Diaz 5-2 at Casper
68—Coleman-3 at Orem
64—Blevins 8-2 Great Falls
62—Blevins 6-8 at Billings
62—Bradley 4-3 at Casper

  Gulf Coast Dodgers
78—Dutton 6-1 at Cardinals
75—Smit 4-0 at Nationals
70—Smit 5-1 at Marlins
69—Rondon 10-5 Nationals

66—Dutton 4-3 Nationals
65—Gardner 12-5 Casper
63—Thompson 0-1 at Marlins
62—Rondon 5-1 Nationals
62—Smit 7-9 Nationals
62—Smit 0-5 Nationals

 Dominican Dodgers
92—Noboa 2-0 at Royals
72—Noboa 6-3 Rays
72—Tavarez 1-0 at Rays
68—Frias 5-0 Giants
68—Aguasviva 2-1 Red Sox
68—Tavarez 3-0 Yankees 2

67—Aguasviva 7-0 at Marlins
66—Tavarez 6-2 at Blue Jays 2
66—Tavarez 7-4 at Rays
64—Noboa 2-5 Red Sox
64—Santana 1-4 Royals
Average Leaders
Two of the hottest pitching commodities in the Dodgers system, James McDonald and Clayton Kershaw) recorded the highest average per start, both approaching the 60 level. Miguel Pinango muscled right in with the two leaders to take over third place, just a touch behind.

It is interesting to see how Game Scores shows both single-season excellence and season-long consistency.

Steven Johnson, who finished with a 48.1 season mark, just a bit under the average total, came off an early injury and on with a rush, putting up a sparkling 58.2 average over his final six starts.
Average Game Scores per start
 (10 starts or more)
59.6—James McDonald, Jx/IE
58.6—Clayton Kershaw, GL/Jx
58.3—Miguel Pinango, IE/LVegas
56.5—Paul Coleman, Og/GR Lakes
56.4—Gari Tavarez, Dominican

56.0—Robert Blevins, Ogden
54.6—Cody White, GL/IE
53.8—James Adkins, Great Lakes
53.8—Kyle Smit, GC/GLakes
53.7—D.J. Houlton, Las Vegas

52.0—Eric Cyr, Jx/LV
51.7—Josh Wall, Great Lakes
51.5—Zach Hammes, Jacksonville
51.0—Joey Norrito, Jacksonville
50.8—Chris Malone, GCL/GLakes

50.8—William Juarez, Jx/LV
50.7—Jesus Castillo, Inland Empire
50.5—Arismendy Castillo, Great Lakes
50.3—Alberto Bastardo, Inland Empire
50.3—Marlon Arias, Inland Empire

50.2—Greg Miller, LV/Jx
49.7—Mario Alvarez, Inland Empire
49.6—Mike Megrew, Jacksonville
48.6—Mike Gardner, Og/G Lakes
48.2—Justin Orenduff,  Jacksonville

48.1—Steven Johnson, Great Lakes
46.8—Spike Lundberg, Las Vegas
46.6—Eric Stults, Las Vegas
46.4—Kris Krise, Ogden
46.3—Thomas Melgarejo. Great Lakes

45.9—Alvis Ojeda, Jacksonville
44.7—Javy Guerra, Inland Empire

 Honorable mention
 (less than 10 starts)
59.7—Geison Aguasviva, DSL
58.0—Daigoro Rondon, GCL
56.7—Francisco Felix, GCL, IE
63.7—Carlos Frias, DSL
53.3—Wilfredo Diaz, DSL
53.0—Dan Danielson, GCL