The Last of the Draft-And-Follows

While Bill Shelley is on medical leave, we continue our series, taking a look at his top Dodger prospects as we count down to the very best. Today- Prospect #38, LHP Cody White.

The draft-and-follow, which allows a team to draft a player and then allow him to attend college for one year before deciding if they would like to sign him, has been eliminated under new rules. The changes gives teams six weeks to sign a drafted player - and no more.

The Dodgers have used the old rule often and one acquired in that fashion, lefthander Cody White, may be the last of the draft-and-follows. team.

White was selected in the 12th round out of Texarkana, Texas high school in 2003 but didn't sign then. Instead he attend Texarkana Junior College, then signed in 2004. 

He was sent to the Gulf Coast Dodgers and although he only played five games due to a tender arm, recorded a 1-1, 2.53 record in five games. At Ogden in 2005 he had a forgettable start, going 1-3, 6.92 and it was only in the middle of the 2006 season that he found himself. Used exclusively in relief at Ogden he became blossomed, going 4-2, 2.68 and allowed a .190 average to his opponents.

He had a strong spring and earned a slot in the Great Lakes rotation. He continued to showcase a fast ball that rides in the low 90's plus a sharp curve that's extremely tough on lefthanders and who allowed only a .236 batting average over 14 starts while winning eight of 13 decisions.

He also led the team with a Run Score of 83 against Beloit, second-high in the entire minor league system.

The was a remarkable record because the very young Loons just didn't score many runs, making a pitcher's won-lost record look much worse that is was. In fact, Great Lakes only scored 3.7 runs per game for him before he was promoted to Inland Empire.

Working in a much more hitter-friendly league, The Sixty-Sixers were 8-4 in his 12 starts and he posted a 3.90 earned run average. His strikeouts dropped from 7.4 to 4.3, but his walk rate also dropped from 4.8 to 2.3 per game. His teams were 15-11 in his 26 starts.

All in all it was a break-out season for the 22-year-old pitcher, one that certainly drew the attention of the Dodger brass. He will probably start back at Inland Empire again and if successful, move to Jacksonville before the season ends.

His complete record:
Cody Lewis White   bl  tl  6-3  203
 Born- Feb. 27, 1985 in Atlanta, Texas
Obtained- Selected in the 12th round of the 2003 draft

year 	team    w-l    era   gm  gs    in    h    bb   so   ave
2004	GCL	1-1   2.53    5   0   10.2   11    6   10   .297
2005	Ogd	1-3   6.92   17   6   40.1   59   27   36   .351
2006	Ogd     4-2   2.68   25   0   43.2   30   23   44   .190
2007	GLk	8-5   2.48   15  14   76.1   68   41   63   .236
	IEm	2-3   3.90   12  12   67.0   73   17   32   .277

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