Deric McKamey's Top 15 Dodgers Prospects

Last week, noted minor league expert Deric McKamey dropped by to reveal his top-15 Dodger's prospects. The author of the annual "Minor League Baseball Analyst" book has agreed to answer readers' questions about why he ranked certain players in specific spots and about some of the Dodger's prospects that didn't appear on his list.

Deric McKamey has been Director of Minor League Analysis for ten years now and a baseball analyst for twenty. A long-time disciple of Bill James and formally trained by MLB Scout School, McKamey is uniquely skilled to integrate sabermetrics and scouting. His prospect evaluation skills and many contacts have served him well in all aspects of his job, including advising the St. Louis Cardinals since 2004.

McKamey and BaseballHQ publish their Organizational Ratings for all 30 major league teams annually, ranking and analyzing each organization's top 15 prospects, as well as scoring each organization in the areas of hitting, pitching, and top-end talent.

"I evaluate prospects in a vacuum, as I believe that is the fair way evaluate and it makes ranking more fluid whenever a player gets traded," McKamey said. "Organizational depth is something I look at, but do not base my rankings on. 

"One thing that does factor into my evaluations is the developmental philosophy of the organization, such as the aggressiveness or lack thereof concerning promotions and whether there is a track record of individual development, both good or bad."

McKamey will answer any of your questions about his ratings. See information at the bottom of the story.
Los Angeles Dodgers Top 15 Prospects

1. Clayton Kershaw (LHP)- 10D
2. Andy LaRoche (3B)- 9C
3. Scott Elbert (LHP)- 9C
4. Jonathon Meloan (RHP)- 9C
5. Chin-Lung Hu (SS)- 8B
6. James McDonald (RHP)- 8C
7. Hiroki Kuroda (RHP)- 8B
8. Chris Withrow (RHP)- 9E
9. Andrew Lambo (OF/1B)- 9E
10. Pedro Baez (3B)- 9E
11. Blake DeWitt (3B)- 8D
12. Delwyn Young (OF)- 7C
13. James Adkins (LHP)- 8D
14. Ivan DeJesus (SS)- 7C
15. Josh Bell (3B)- 8D

Player Potential Rating
Scale of (1-10) representing a 
player's upside potential

10 - Hall of Fame-type player
9 - Elite player
8 - Solid regular
7 - Average regular
6 - Platoon player
5 - Major league reserve player
4 - Top minor league player
3 - Average minor league player
2 - Minor league reserve player
1 - Minor league roster filler

Probability Rating
Scale of (A-E) representing the player's 
realistic chances of achieving
their potential

A - 90% probability of reaching potential
B - 70% probability of reaching potential
C - 50% probability of reaching potential
D - 30% probability of reaching potential
E - 10% probability of reaching potential
Deric McKamey's Minor League Baseball Analyst profiles over 1000 minor league prospects and includes detailed scouting reports, sabermetrics, major league equivalencies, organizational lists, a top 100 list, and potential ratings. 

The book can be purchased through, where the purchaser will also receive a free online update to the lists in the book. You may also purchase the book through any of the major on-line bookstores. The Minor League Baseball Analyst is expected to arrive mid-January.

If you have questions about the ratings, or questions about players not rated, McKamey will answer them. click here to ask your question.