Friday the 13th Came on a Sunday

There were no errors on the scoreboard when the game ended with the Mets scoring three times in the ninth to win 6-5, but there were a multitude of let us say miscues that each team took advantage of to score three times. The game was, well, think black cats and horseshoes hung upside down. Bad luck ran rampant.

The Dodgers collected three in the first on dropped pop in center field. The Mets scored three in the ninth on a fly ball that dropped in right center field and a botched ground ball back to the pitcher.

In between the three-run spurts, neither team did much in the way of offense but the leisurely pace of the game helped the concession stands take care of an overflow crowd of 8,219.

Sixteen pitchers paraded their wares, eight for each team, and ten of them didn't allow a run, again five for each club.

Obviously the Dodger offense continues in a funk, despite 12 assorted hits during the game. The team left eight on bases -- three double plays taking care of six of the outs -- and with runners in scoring position L.A. was 4-for-12 (the Mets were 4-for-18).

Los Angeles rang up three in the first inning for Derek Lowe, who worked a pair of strong, shutout innings.

The opening inning gave a hint of things to come. Juan Pierre bunted to lead off and the high, arching ball went over the head of the charging first baseman and when it was fielded by the second baseman there was no one to throw the ball to.

With one out, Andruw Jones scorched the first hard-hit ball of his Dodger career, blasting it down the third base line and into the corner to score Pierre.

With two out Russell Martin walked and Garciaparra hit a high pop to center. Both runners scored when the Mets second baseman could not catch up to the ball in the high wind and it fell, untouched, just feet behind the infield dirt.

Eric Stults was banged around in his second inning of work and the Mets used three hits to score their first run.

Singles by James Loney, Matt Kemp and Rafael Furcal added one to the Dodger total for a 4-1 advantage.

Tanyon Sturtz was rapped for a pair of hits, and combined with a walk, New York closed to within a run.

In the bottom of the inning, Jeff Kent singled to short and was replaced by Ramon Martinez. He moved up on a round ball and scored on Garciaparra's sharp single for a legitimate RBI and a 5-3 L.A. lead.

Mike Myers, Matt Martin and Brian Falkenborg each added a scoreless inning and the Dodgers banged their 12th, and final, hit to lead off the sixth inning.

Mike Koplove took over in the top of the ninth to nail things down after pitching a strong inning in the opener.

But on the way to a save, a strange thing happened. Actually, a series of strange things happened, making Koplove suspect it was in reality Friday the 13th.

He walked the first Met and the second batter lofted a fly to center that Jason Repko broke back on, then was unable to catch up to it an it fell safely. But Repko's throw to second beat the confused New York runner for a routine 8-6 force.

The next pitch was lofted into right center where Repko and Matt Kemp circled the ball as if it were a spitting cobra. It, too, fell safely and this time it resulted in two base hit.

A ball was topped down the first base line and the star-crossed Koplove raced over, grabbed the ball but dropped it as the runner scored from third. Somehow it went as a hit.

Now completely dazed, Koplove hit the next batter and was excused for the afternoon when pitching coach Rick Honeycutt brought in Fernando De La Cruz with the bases loaded an one out.

Fate was no kinder to the 37-year-old as Angel Pagan whacked one of Fernando's 96 mph fastballs into center for two runs. He got the next Met to end the inning.

Now trailing 6-5, the Dodgers launched a desperate attempt to put the chestnut out of the fire and pinch-hitter Andre Ethier walked to get things off to a good start.

A second pinch-hitter, Mark Sweeney got himself in a 0-2 hole, then took three pitches just millimeters outside the strike zone.

As Ethier broke for second on the 3-2 pitch, Sweeney took a ball well outside -- but wait, it was called a strike and Ethier was thrown out at second for a double play.

The baseball gods had nothing left in their bag of tricks and Ramon Martinez bounced out quietly to end the game and much of the 8,000+ crowd exploded in joy.

Or perhaps they were just baseball purists who were happy the whole thing was over, it's hard to say.

Ironically, the Dodgers host the Baltimore Orioles Monday (today). The Orioles, supposedly the 2009 owner of Dodgertown, will have a chance to look around to see if they want to change the curtains or repaint the clubhouse before taking over the lease.
 Score by innings
New York	000 120 003-6
Los Angeles	300 110 000-5

 Los Angeles	ab  r  h  bi  ave
Pierre lf	4  1  1  1  .091
 Lombard lf	1  0  0  0  .000
Furcal ss	3  0  1  0  .333
 Chavez 2b	0  0  0  0  .500
 Ethier ph	0  0  0  0  .143
Jones cf	4  1  1  1  .250
 Rivera c	0  0  0  0  .000
 Sweeney ph	1  0  0  0  .167
Kent 2b	        3  0  1  0  .200
 Martinez 2b-ss	2  1  0  0  .000
Martin dh	3  1  1  1  .429
Garciaparra 3b	3  0  2  3  .375
 LaRoche 3b	1  0  0  0  .286
Loney 1b	4  1  2  0  .444
 Tiffee 1b	0  0  0  0  .000
Kemp rf	        4  0  2  0  .500
Bennett c	3  0  1  0  .167
 Repko cf	0  0  0  0  .250
  Totals	36  5  12  5
  New York	36  6  10  6

 2b hits- Jones (1), Martin (1).
SB- Pierre (1), Kemp (2), CS- Ethier
(1). LOB- Los Angeles 8, New York 10.

 Los Angeles	in  h  r-er  bb  so  era
Lowe	        2.0  1  0-0  0  2  0.00
Stults	        2.0  3  1-1  1  2  4.50
Hull	        1.0  2  2-2  1  1  9.00
Myers	        1.0  0  0-0  0  0  0.00
Falkenborg	1.0  1  0-0  0  0  0.00
Martin	        1.0  0  0-0  0  0  9.00
Koplove (L)	0.2  2  3-3  1  1  16.20
Hernandez	0.1  1  0-0  0  0  0.00
 WP- Stults, Hull. HBP- by Koplove.
T- 3:07. Att- 8,219.

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