New Dodgers Complex to be Ready

Under the bright blue sky and a blazing Arizona sun, work is underway on the new complex the Dodgers will share with the Chicago White Sox in Glendale. The construction company in charge says everything is on schedule for the February 2009 opening.

Right now, the property about 30 miles west of downtown Phoenix is just a large skinned piece of land a few miles from the Arena, home to the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes, and University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the NFL's Phoenix Cardinals and site of January's Super Bowl.

Chances the Dodgers will return to Vero Beach are very slim.

Rumors circulated Dodgertown that the complex wouldn't be ready and that the Dodgers would return for one more season.

"These things are never done till they are done, but there's nothing I see on the horizon in that category of something that would recall the deal," Dodgers owner Frank McCourt said last week.

There little to signify that baseball will be played at the corner of 107th Avenue and Camelback Road.

Some concrete work has started at the stadium site toward the northern end of the complex and a huge bowl has been carved out that will eventually be seating has been carved into the dirt and the infield, at least, has been leveled off.

Irrigation work and underground utility lines are in place for the two sets of minor league four-plexes.

Officials say that the preliminary work will be finished soon and that soon additions will make the ares distinguishable as a baseball training base will be started.

However, unless the Sox can negotiate their way out of their contract with Tucson, the Dodgers will have the entire complex to them selves for 2009-11 when the Chicago contract in Tucson runs out.

The Sox are looking for a team to take over their facility.

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