Q & A With Loon's Catcher Kenley Jansen

Even though Great Lakes Loons' catcher Kenley Jansen has been mired in an offensive slump the last couple of weeks, it is clearer that the young prospect is more comfortable at Single-A than he was last season, in which he hit a meager .102 with the Loons last year. I had the chance to talk to Jansen about the 2008 season and the various reasons why he feels more comfortable this year than last.

Cory Hillman: Last year, did you feel like you were pressing a bit? It might have been that you were trying too hard, but did you see it that way?

Kenley Jansen: Well, I'd have to say yeah. I was trying too hard and I mean I got a slow start and I started to rush everything and try way too hard so I tried to slow it down so I could get it back together. I was not playing that much, too.

CH: So what did you do during the off season to prepare you for this year?

KJ: Well, I just kept working hard, to keep hitting more off of a [batting] tee, fungo drills. They sent me to Hawaii, too and that was a great experience. That helped me out a lot to figure out my hitting and plus my defense.

CH: It seems that you are more comfortable this year? What is it about this year that you would say would make you more comfortable? Is it being the starting catcher this year?

KH: Well, like you said I'm not pressing as hard, you know, just focusing on one thing at a time. Just take the pressure away and just have fun. DeJon [Watson] told me that one good thing this year in Hawaii, like just play like I used to play in Little League and the way I used to play in high school and just have fun out there. Don't try to do things too harsh and that's helped me out a lot mentally.

CH: And your thoughts on the team this year?

KJ: This team is awesome. We never give up. The one thing that I like about this team is that we never give up regardless of the score. We always keep playing hard. We all thrive off each other.

CH: Alright, man. Thanks!

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