Tiffee Dominates Dodgers Leader Board

Terry Tiffee was relatively unknown to Dodger fans when he signed a minor league contract with the Dodgers that included an invitation to spring training. But after hitting over .500 for nearly three weeks, he's a much more familiar figure.

Tiffee leads the Dodgers' minor league system in average (.508), on-base percentage (.542), slugging average (.754), on-base plus slugging (1.296) as well as in hits (33) and doubles (10).

He played it last year for Norfolk, the Orioles AAA farm team in the International League. There he hit .272 with 10 home runs and 55 runs batted in.

He's 28 years old, 6-4, 225 and a switchhitter. He cames with big league experience, having played in 91 games for the Twins spread over the years of 2004-05-06. Over that span he averaged just .226 while managing only five home runs.

Originally from North Little Rock, Ark., Tiffee was a 26th-round draft selection of the Twins in 1999 out of Pratt, Kan., Community College. He has a smooth line-drive swing, a good arm but limited range and has been used at first base as well as at third.

He grew tired of trying to prove himself in pitcher's parks, and was delighted to sign with the Dodgers and play in the offensive-minded Pacific Coast League.

"That was one of the reasons I signed (a minor league deal with the Dodgers. I wanted to play in this league," said Tiffee. "The IL is predominantly a pitcher's league. I always heard this is a good hitter's league."

The move has paid immediate dividends for Tiffee, who is certainly drawing attention with his remarkable hitting.

"It's nice to get going, but I really concentrate on how I'm hitting the ball rather than the results," Tiffee said. "If I'm hitting it solid consistently, the results will come. I've been hitting the ball pretty hard and putting together good at-bats."

"He's off to a good start," 51s manager Lorenzo Bundy said. "He swung the bat real well the last four or five days of spring training and carried that into the start of the season.

"He and Big John Lindsey have pretty much carried us. He's always been a solid Triple-A hitter," Bundy said. "I guess the knock on him was his power numbers. He never had big home run numbers, and a lot of times teams are looking for corner power."

Tiffee was hoping to get a chance to play third base for the Dodgers when injuries left them short-handed at the position this spring, but Los Angeles handed the job to unproven Blake DeWitt, who skipped Triple A on his way to the majors.

"I thought I'd at least get a little more of a look at third base in camp," Tiffee said. "But you kind of get used to getting overlooked for organizational players who come up with them.

"You've just got to play hard, put up numbers and hopefully, eventually, they'll open their eyes and see and give you a look." Bundy said if Tiffee "continues to swing the bat like he is, hopefully he'll get a shot.

"I think he can play up there. He can hit up there Somebody's just got to give him a chance."

These exclusive stats are based on hitters with 40+ times at bat, starting pitchers with 3 or more starts and relief pitchers who have worked in six or more games.

The leading hitters and pitchers in the Dodger system include:
.508 Terry Tiffee 3b, LV
.345 John Lindsey 1b, LV
.344 Andrew Lambo of, GL
.343 Lucas May c, Jx
.341 Luis Maza 3b, LV
.328 Ivan De Jesus ss, Jx
.309 Carlos Santana c, InE
.304 Kevin Howard 2b, LV
.294 Josh Bell 3b, InE
.292 Juan Gonzalez 2b, Jx

 On-base percentage
.542 Terry Tiffee 3b, LV
.446 Ivan De Jesus ss Jx
.435 Carlos Santana c, InE
.419 John Lindsey 1b, LV
.408 Luis Maza 3b, LV
.405 Lucas May c, Jx
.400 Andrew Locke of, InE
.394 Ryan Rogowski of, InE
.393 Juan Gonzalez 2b, Jx
.388 Andrew Lambo of, GL

 Slugging average
.754 Terry Tiffee 3b, LV
.657 Lucas May c, Jx
.656 Andrew Lambo of, GL
.569 Ivan De Jesus ss, Jx
.520 Rene Rivera c, Jx
.509 Carlos Santana c, InE
.491 John Lindsey 1b, LV
.458 Juan Gonzalez 2b, Jx
.457 Kevin Howard 2b, LV
.456 Josh Bell 3b, InE
.456 Russ Mitchell 1b, Jx

 On-base + slugging
1.296 Terry Tiffee 3b, LV
1.062 Lucas May c, Jx
1.044 Andrew Lambo of, GL
 .944 Carlos Santana c, InE
 .910 John Lindsey 1b, LV
 .905 Ivan De Jesus ss, Jx
 .863 Luis Maza 3b, LV
 .854 Juan Gonzalez 2b, Jx
 .841 Kevin Howard 2b, LV
 .836 Rene Rivera c, Jx

18 Josh Bell 3b, InE
18 Eduardo Perez 1b, InE

23 Tray Robinson of, InE
14 Jason Repko of, LV
13 Terry Tiffee 3b, LV
12 Eduardo Perez 1b, InE
12 Carlos Santana c, InE
11 Josh Bell 3b, InE
11 Andrew Locke of, InE
10 Presto Mattingly 2b, GL
 9 Lucas May c, Jx
 9 Ryan Rogowski of, InE

33 Terry Tiffee 3b, LV
21 Andrew Lambo of, GL
20 Josh Bell 3b, InE
20 Ivan De Jesus ss, InE
20 Eduardo Perez 1b
19 John Lindsey 1b, LV
19 Jovanny Rosario of
17 Ryan Rogowski of, InE
17 Carlos Santana c
16 Russ Mitchell 1b

10 Terry Tiffee 3b, LV
 8 Andrew Lambo of, GL
 6 Xavier Paul of, LV
 5 Ivan De Jesus ss, Jx
 5 Lucas May c Jx
 5 Eduardo Perez 1b, InE
 4 Carlos Santana c, InE

3 Jovanny Rosario of, GL
3 Carlos Santana c, InE
2 Jason Repko of, LV

 Home runs
4 Rene Rivera c, Jx
3 Andrew Lambo of, GL
2 Josh Bell 3b, InE
2 Juan Gonzalez 2b, Jx
2 Kevin Howard 2b, LV
2 Presto Mattingly 2b, GL
2 Lucas May c, Jx
3 Russ Mitchell 1b, Jx
2 Carlos Santana c, InE
2 Terry Tiffee 3b, LV

 Runs batted  
18 Andrew Lambo of, GL
15 Carlos Santana c, InE
15 Terry Tiffee 3b, LV
10 Matt Berezay of, InE
10 Russ Mitchell 1b, Jx
 8 John Lindsey 1b, LV
 8 Rene Rivera c, Jx
 8 Ryan Rogowski of, InE

 Stolen bases
5-1 Ryan Rogowski of, InE
5-0 Adam Godwin of, Jx
4-3  Jovanny Rosario of, GL
4-1 Jamie Hoffman of, Jx
3-2 Tray Robinson of, InE
2-2 Xavier Paul of, LV
2-1 Ivan De Jesus ss, Jx
2-0 Josh Bell 3b, InE
2-0 Presto Mattingly 2b, GL
2-0 Matt Berezay of, InE


3-0 Eduardo Sierra, Jx
2-0 James Adkins, InE
2-1 Greg Jones, LV
2-1 Justin Miller, GL
2-2 Daigoro Rondon, GL
2-2 Tim Sexton, InE
5 Miguel Ramirez, GL
2 Yhency Brazoban, Jx
2 Brent Leach, InE

 Earned run average
   (starters - 3 starts)
0.44 Justin Miller, GL
0.97 Josh Wall, InE
1.69 Jon Meloan, LV
1.72 Steve Johnson, GL
1.83 Clayton Kershaw, Jx
1.89 James Adkins, InE
2.86 Tim Sexton, InE
3.04 Miguel Pinango, LV
3.55 Jesus Castillo, Jx
3.93 James McDonald, Jx

 Earned run average
   (starters - 6 gms)
0.00 Yhency Brazoban, Jx
0.00 Miguel Ramirez, GL
0.82 Paul Koss, InE
0.87 Brent Leach, InE
0.93 Mike Koplove, LV
1.86 Mike Myers, LV
1.98 Francisco Felix, InE
2.40 Dwayne Pollok, LV
2.53 Jordan Pratt, InE
3.24 Greg Jones, LV

9 Mike Myers, LV
8 Yhency Brazoban, Jx
8 Paul Koss, InE
8 Greg Miller, LV
7 Brian Falkenborg, LV
7 Mike Koplove, LV
7 Jordan Pratt, InE
7 Miguel Ramirez, GL

 Games started
4 James Adkins, InE
4 Jason Johnson, LV
4 Clayton Kershaw, Jx
4 James McDonald, Jx
4 Justin Miller, GL
4 Miguel Pinango, LV
4 Tim Sexton, InE

23.2 Miguel Pinango, LV
22.0 Tim Sexton, InE
20.1 Justin Miller, GL
19.2 Clayton Kershaw, Jx
19.0 James Adkins, InE
18.1 James McDonald, Jx
17.1 Jason Johnson, LV
16.0 Jon Meloan, LV
15.2 Steve Johnson, GL
15.2 Avery Morris, GL

26 Miguel Pinango, LV
23 Clayton Kershaw, Jx
21 James Adkins, InE
19 Francisco Felix, InE
17 James McDonald, Jx
17 Justin Miller, GL
15 Steve Johnson, GL
15 Tim Sexton, InE
13 Jesus Castillo, Jx
13 Jason Johnson, LV
13 Jon Meloan, LV
13 Greg Miller, LV

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