Dodger Minor League Leaders

A number of Dodgers minor league players are having solid years at the six-week mark. Terry Tiffee at Las Vegas continues to dominate the batting categories, leading in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging average and on-base plus slugging. He also tops the charts in runs, hits doubles and runs batted in.

A pair of Johnson, Jason at Las Vegas and Steven at Great Lakes, are at the top of the wins column. Steven also leads in walk plus hits per inning pitched (WHIP). A pair of Great Lakes finest, Justin Miller and Miguel Ramirez are the leaders in earned run average, plus Ramirez tops the saves list.

Miguel Pinango has worked 38.1 innings and has 40 strikeout, both first in their category, while the 51s Mike Koplove is the WHIP leader among the the relief pitchers.

We've added a couple now categories you might find interesting.
 Oldest	       age	tm
Ramon Martinez	35	LV
Danny Ardoin	33	LV
George Lombard	32	LV
Greg Jacobs	31	Jx
John Lindsey	31	LV
Terry Tiffee	29	LV

 Youngest	age	tm
Andrew Lambo	19	GL
Jaime Ortiz	19	GL
Pedro Baez	20	GL
Kenley Jansen	20	GL
Brian Mathews	20	GL
Pres Mattingly	20	GL
Tray Robinson	20	GL

 Average 	 ave	tm
Terry Tiffee	.460	LV
Luis Maza	.394	LV
John Lindsey	.357	LV
James Tomlin	.342	Jx
Lucas May	.325	Jx
Carlos Santana	.323	InE
Kevin Howard	.314	LV
Joshua Bell	.300	InE
Angel Chavez	.300	LV
Ivan DeJesus	.292	Jx

 On-base percentage	
                 obp	tm
Terry Tiffee	.504	LV
Luis Maza	.464	LV
John Lindsey	.457	LV
Carlos Santana	.421	InE
James Tomlin	.414	Jx
Juan Gonzalez	.413	Jx
Lucas May	.404	Jx
Ivan DeJesus	.403	Jx
Joshua Bell	.391	InE
John Griffin	.373	LV

 Slugging average	
                 slug	tm
Terry Tiffee	.683	LV
Lucas May	.650	Jx
John Lindsey	.561	LV
Jaime Ortiz	.540	GL
Juan Gonzalez	.535	Jx
Luis Maza	.525	LV
Carlos Santana	.500	InE
Joshua Bell	.491	InE
Kevin Howard	.488	LV
Andrew Lambo	.480	GL

 On-base + slugging	
                  ops   tm
Terry Tiffee	1.187	LV
Lucas May	1.054	Jx
John Lindsey	1.018	LV
Luis Maza	.989	LV
Juan Gonzalez	.948	Jx
Carlos Santana	.921	InE
James Tomlin	.888	Jx
Joshua Bell	.882	InE
Kevin Howard	.860	LV

 Games	        gm	tm
Terry Tiffee	31	LV
Eduardo Perez	31	InE
Ivan DeJesus	30	Jx
Russ Mitchell	30	Jx

 Runs	        runs    tm
Terry Tiffee	30	LV
Luis Maza	22	LV
Jason Repko	21	LV
Joshua Bell	19	InE
Ivan DeJesus	19	Jx
Andrew Locke	17	InE
Lucas May	17	Jx
Xavier Paul	17	LV
Carlos Santana	17	InE

 Hits	        hits    tm
Terry Tiffee	58	LV
Luis Maza	39	LV
John Lindsey	35	LV
Joshua Bell	33	InE
Ivan DeJesus	33	Jx
Eduardo Perez	32	InE
Greg Jacobs	31	Jx
Russ Mitchell	31	Jx
Jovanny Rosario	31	GL
Carlos Santana	31	InE

 Doubles	2b	tm
Terry Tiffee	19	LV
Lucas May	11	Jx
Eduardo Perez	11	InE
Carlos Santana	10	InE
Andrew Lambo	9	GL
John Lindsey	9	LV
Xavier Paul	9	LV
John Griffin	8	LV

 Triples	3b	tm
Matthew Berezay	3	InE
Jovanny Rosario	3	GL
Luis Maza	2	LV
Jason Repko	2	LV
Carlos Santana	2	InE

 Home runs	hr	tm
Jaime Ortiz	6	GL
Juan Gonzalez	5	Jx
René Rivera	5	Jx
Lucas May	5	Jx
Jason Repko	4	LV
Andrew Lambo	4	GL
Joshua Bell	4	InE
Russ Mitchell	4	Jx
Kenley Jansen	4	GL

 Runs batted in	bi	tm
Terry Tiffee	28	LV
Carlos Santana	23	InE
Andrew Lambo	22	GL
Kevin Howard	20	LV
Xavier Paul	20	LV
Angel Chavez	19	LV
John Lindsey	18	LV
Lucas May	18	Jx
Ivan DeJesus	16	Jx
Juan Gonzalez	15	Jx
Greg Jacobs	15	Jx
Russ Mitchell	15	Jx

 Stolen bases	 sb	tm
Adam Godwin	8-1	Jx
Ryan Rogowski	7-2	InE
Jamie Hoffmann	6-1	Jx
Erik Kanaby	6-2	GL
Pres Mattingly	5-1	GL
Jovanny Rosario	5-4	GL
Tray Robinson	5-5	InE
Joshua Bell	4-0	InE
Matthew Berezay	4-0	InE
Xavier Paul	4-2	LV


 Oldest	                age     tm
RP Tanyon Sturtze	37	Jx
SP Jason Johnson	34	LV
RP Mike Koplove	        31	LV
RP Greg Jones	        31	LV
RP Brian Falkenborg	30	LV

 Youngest	        age	tm
SP Clayton Kershaw	20      Jx
SP Justin Miller	20	GL
SP Steven Johnson	20	GL
RP Jonathan Dutton	20	GL
SP Kyle Smit	        20	GL
RP Geison Aguasviva	20	GL

 Won-lost	        w-l     tm
SP Jason Johnson	4-2	LV
SP Steven Johnson	3-1	GL
RP Rick Asadoorian	3-1	Jx
RP Eduardo Sierra	3-0	Jx

 Saves	                sv	tm
RP Miguel Ramirez	6	GL
RP Victor Garate	6	GL
RP Yhency Brazoban	4	LV
RP Brent Leach	        3	InE
RP Eduardo Sierra       2       Jx
RP Robert Blevins	2	GL
RP Yhency Brazoban	2	Jx
RP Mike Koplove	        2	LV

 Earned run average
    [starters]	         era    tm
SP Justin Miller	0.91	GL
SP Clayton Kershaw	1.11	Jx
SP Steven Johnson	2.12	GL
SP Jonathan Meloan	3.60	LV
SP Cody White	        3.78	Jx
SP Jesus Castillo	3.86	Jx
SP James Adkins	        4.00	InE
SP Justin Orenduff	4.18	LV
SP James McDonald	4.19	Jx
SP Javy Guerra	        4.35	InE

 Earned run average
  [relief[	        era     tm
RP Miguel Ramirez	0.00	GL
RP Mike Koplove	        0.49	LV
RP Brent Leach	        1.02	InE/Jx
SP Clayton Kershaw	1.11	Jx
RP Paul Koss	        1.42	InE
RP Matthew Sartor	1.53	GL
RP Dwayne Pollok	1.78	LV
RP Yhency Brazoban	2.53	Jx/LV
RP Robert Blevins	2.61	GL
RP Matt Riley	        3.24	LV

 Games	                gm	 tm
RP Yhency Brazoban      14	Jx/LV
RP Eduardo Sierra	13	Jx
RP Greg Miller	        13	LV
RP Paul Koss	        12	InE
RP Jordan Pratt	        12	InE
RP Greg Jones	        12	LV
RP Brian Falkenborg	12	LV

 Games started	        gs	tm
SP Cody White	        7	Jx
SP James McDonald	7	Jx
SP Timothy Sexton	7	InE
SP Miguel Pinango	7	LV

  Innings  	         inn	  tm
SP Miguel Pinango	38.1	LV
SP Timothy Sexton	35.1	InE
SP James McDonald	34.1	Jx
SP Cody White	        33.1	Jx
SP Eric Stults	        33.0	LV
SP Clayton Kershaw	32.1	Jx
SP Bryan Morris	        31.2	GL
SP Jesus Castillo	30.1	Jx
SP Jonathan Meloan	30.0	LV
SP Justin Miller	29.2	GL
SP Steven Johnson	29.2	GL

    [starters]	        so	tm
SP Miguel Pinango	40	LV
SP Clayton Kershaw	36	Jx
SP James McDonald	35	Jx
SP Jonathan Meloan	33	LV
SP Steven Johnson	28	GL
SP Cody White	        27	Jx
SP James Adkins	        26	InE
SP Bryan Morris	        25	GL
SP Jesus Castillo	24	Jx
SP Daigoro Rondon	24	GL

    [relief]	        so	tm
RP Matthew Sartor	27	GL
RP Francisco Felix	24	InE
RP Jonathan Dutton	23	GL
RP Jordan Pratt	        22	InE
RP Robert Blevins	21	GL
RP Brent Leach	        18	InE/Jx
RP Paul Koss	        18	InE
RP Zachary Hammes	17	Jx
RP Eduardo Sierra	16	Jx
RP Brian Falkenborg	15	LV

 Walks+hits per innings
    [starters]	        whip	tm
SP Steven Johnson	1.01	GL
SP Justin Miller	1.04	GL
SP Clayton Kershaw	1.05	Jx
SP James McDonald	1.19	Jx
SP Miguel Pinango	1.28	LV
SP Jesus Castillo	1.35	Jx
SP Bryan Morris	        1.36	GL
SP Timothy Sexton	1.36	InE
SP Eric Stults	        1.39	LV
SP Cody White	        1.41	Jx
SP James Adkins	        1.41	InE

 Walks+hits per innings
    [relief]	        whip	tm
RP Mike Koplove	        0.44	LV
RP Dwayne Pollok	0.75	LV
RP Yhency Brazoban	0.92	Jx/LV
RP Matthew Sartor	1.02	GL
RP Cory Wade	        1.02	Jx
RP Robert Blevins	1.11	GL
RP Brent Leach	        1.13	InE/Jx
RP Miguel Ramirez	1.14	GL
RP Brian Falkenborg	1.18	LV
RP Jonathan Dutton	1.32	GL
RP Paul Koss	        1.32	InE