Dodgers Select 43 in Free Agent Draft

The Dodgers Class of 2008 has been viewed, measured, analyzed, examined and charted, then finally selected along with 29 other major league clubs over the two-day amateur free-agent draft concluded late in the afternoon of June 6. Scouting guru Logan White selected 20 hitters and 23 pitchers, but 6 of the team's first 10 picks were hitters, a departure from White's typical emphasis on pitching.

"This year you've had to go with what the Draft gives," said White, who was "ecstatic" about the outcome. "You look at the history we've have had. Quite a few pitchers have come up and made the big leagues from the Draft. We've always liked to take a balance, but I think this year the Draft gave us a few more hitters." The next scramble will be to sign the players selected. Some have signed a letter of intent to play college baseball. That, of course, can be broken if the player wants to sign a professional contract.

Because of the college commitment, many will be expensive to sign, realizing that it's a gamble to wait until you are a college junior to sign, but knowing that your worth may be many times the original offer.

Most, if not all, major league clubs will make offers to all the players they have drafted. Perhaps the money may not be the amount expected, but then the choice is with the player.

Signing bonuses will range from millions of dollars to perhaps $5,000. Many long-time baseball aficionados can remember when a signing bonus might be a bus ticket to Thomasville, Georgia or Ponca City, Oklahoma and if you were very lucky, maybe a new glove.

Those that so sign will be sorted out and sent to the minor league club that fits their experience. Traditionally, high school players will be sent to the Gulf Coast League and college players to Ogden. However, if the player is a bit older or more experienced, he will be directed to Great Lakes and maybe even Inland Empire.

And thus their great adventure begins, the envy of their friends as well as the thousands of other hopefuls who didn't get a call at all on draft day.

These ignored or overlooked players can be signed as free agents, but after nearly 1,200 youngsters were selected by one club or another, their chances of getting a chance has just about disappeared.

The final player chosen by the Dodgers, in he 45th round, and the 1,357th player chosen at that time. Lest he feel badly about being selected so late in the draft, he should remember another catcher picked about the same time in a previous draft by the name of Mike Piazza who made quite a nice little name for himself in the game.

The final Dodger selections:
#1 - RHP Ethan Martin	        Stephens County High, GA
#2 - RHP Josh Lindblom	        Purdue 
#3 - OF Kyle Russell	        Texas 
#4 - RHP Devaris Strange-Gordon Seminole (FL) CC
#5 - RHP JonMichael Redding	Florida CC, Jacksonville
#6 - SS Tony Delmonico	        Florida State	
#7 - LHP Bruce Cole          	Rice
#8 - OF Nick Buss            	USC	 
# 9 - 1B Steven Caseres      	James Madison, VA
#10 - RHP Chris Joyce        	Dos Pueblos HS, Goleta, CA
#11 - LHP Nathan Eovaldi     	Alvin HS, Texas
#12 - 3B Austin Yount        	Stanford
#13 - 1b Albert Golder	        Louisiana Tech
#14 - RHP/SS Lenell McGee    	Mt. Carmel
#15 - OF Clay Calfee	        Angelo State
#16 - OF Kyle Conley	        Washington
#17 - LHP Daniel Coulombe    	Chaparral HS, Scottsdale, AZ 
#18 - RHP Carl Webster	        McMichael HS
#19 - LHP David Rollins	        Baptist Academy, Carthage, TX
#20 - 3B Zach Cox               Pleasure Ridge HS, Louisville
#21 - RHP David Sever	        St. Louis, MO
#22 - RHP Matthew Smith	        Wichita State
#23 - 2B Brian Ruggiano      	Texas A&M
#24 - LHP Roberto Feliciano  	Baseball Academy, Gurabo, P.R.
#25 - OF Jerry Sands	        Catawba, NC
#26 - RHP/INF Cody Weiss     	Parkland HS, Allentown, PA
#27 - RHP Clayton Allison    	Fresno State
#28 - LHP Jordan Roberts     	Embry-Riddel
#29 - LHP Jonathan Runnels   	Rice
#30 - 2B Garrett Green	        San Diego State, CA
#31 - RHP Matt McGill        	Royal HS, Simi Valley, CA
#32 - 3B Shan Sullivan	        Angelo State CA
#33 - OF Melvin Ray          	North Florida Christian
#34 - RHP/OF Andrew Darwin   	San Jacinto JC
#35 - RHP Adam Westmorland   	Brookland-Cayce, SC
#36 - OF Jake New	        Tennessee Tech
#37 - RHP Will Clinard 	        East Robertson, Tenn
#38 - 1B Tommy Nurre	        Miami Ohio
#40 - RF Jimmy Parque	        Skyline (CA) JC
#41 - 3B/C Jett Bandy	        Thousand Oaks, CA
#43 - OF Greg Zebrack        	Campbell Hall, CA
#44 - LHP Matthew Reed       	West Stanley Hs, Oakboro, NC
#45 - C Ryan Arp 

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