The Johnson Boys Lead Pitching Stats

Jason and Stephen Johnson are displayed prominently among the pitching leaders after 10 weeks into the minor league season. Although the two are not related, their performances have brought them together on the exclusive LADugout leader board.

Jason, a former major leaguer, is 34 while Steven is working in Great Lakes at the age of 20. They may seem like a baseball version of the Odd Couple, one a prospect and one a suspect, but they are bonded by a mutual desire to pitch in the Major Leagues.

Jason has a career Major League record of 55-98, 4.99 and pitched in Japan last year. He won in double figures in 2001 and 2003 and led the American League with four shutouts in 2004.

He was signed as a free agent by the Pirates in 1992, drafted by Tampa Bay from Pittsburgh in 1997, traded to Baltimore in 1999, granted free agency in 2003, signed by Detroit, granted free agency in 2005 signed by Cleveland in 2006, purchased by the Red Sox in 2006 and released, signed by Cincinnati in 2006 and released after the season. He then signed with Los Angeles as a free agent.

Stephen was selected by the Dodgers in the 13th round of he 2005 draft. After striking out 86 with Ogden in 2006 he was recruited for an emergency appearance with Jacksonville and worked two innings, retiring all six he face in order. Three days later he pitched another inning and 2/3 without allowing a run

He has an excellent feel for the craft probably because he's been schooled well by his father, former major league pitcher Dave, who pitched in 53 games for the Orioles 1974-75 and Twins from 1977-78 who now conducts a baseball school in addition to working on Oriole telecasts.

Steve doesn't get people out with mid to upper 90's heat. Rather, he relies a lot on a sinking fast ball that usually hovers around 90 and also throws an advanced change.

In 2007 he started strongly with Great Lakes, missed much of the middle of the season with an aching arm, then impressed the Dodgers so much down the stretch he was sent to extended spring training where he again dazzled.

Between the two of them, Jason is 8-3 for Las Vegas and Steven is 7-2 with Great Lakes. Jason ranks first in starts (t13), third in innings pitched (69.2), fourth in strikeouts (58) and sixth in strikeouts per nine innings. Steven is first in WHIP (walks plus hits per nine innings) with a 1.17 mark, second in hits per nine innings (7.62) and eighth in strikeouts (46).

On the batting side of the ledger, John Lindsey of Las Vegas leads the system in batting average (.327), slugging (.585) and OPS (on-base + slugging) with a 1.008 mark. Andy LaRoche tops the charts in on-base percentage.

The Dodger minor league department leaders include:
 Average	        ave  tm
John Lindsey	       .329  LV
Xavier Paul	       .302  LV
Andrew Locke	       .301  InE
Ivan DeJesus	       .300  Jx
Alfredo Silverio       .298  GL
Erik Kanaby	       .296  GL
Carlos Santana	       .294  InE
James Tomlin	       .293  Jx
Andrew Lambo           .291  GL
Jamie Hoffmann	       .290  Jx

 On-base percentage	obp  tm
Andy LaRoche	       .439  Jx/LV
John Lindsey	       .423  LV
Ivan DeJesus	       .410  Jx
Carlos Santana	       .410  InE
Juan Gonzalez	       .394  Jx
Andrew Locke	       .390  InE
Xavier Paul	       .376  LV
Joshua Bell	       .373  InE
James Tomlin	       .368  Jx
Adam Godwin	       .367  Jx

 Slugging	       slug  tm
John Lindsey           .585  LV
Carlos Santana	       .526  InE
Juan Gonzalez	       .503  Jx
Lucas May	       .491  Jx
Andrew Lambo           .485  GL
Alfredo Silverio       .471  GL
John-Ford Griffin      .467  LV
Xavier Paul            .458  LV
Matthew Berezay        .458  InE/Jx
Joshua Bell            .455  InE

 On base + slugging	 ops  tm
John Lindsey	        1.008  LV
Carlos Santana	        .936  InE
Juan Gonzalez	        .897  Jx
Andy LaRoche	        .850  Jx/LV
Xavier Paul	        .834  LV
John-Ford Griffin	.833  LV
Andrew Lambo            .830  GL
Joshua Bell	        .828  InE
Lucas May	        .812  Jx
Andrew Locke	        .807  InE

 Games	                gms  tm
Russell Mitchell	 61  Jx
Ivan DeJesus	         60  Jx
Jamie Hoffmann	         60  Jx
Andrew Lambo	         60  GL
Adam Godwin	         59  Jx

 Runs                  runs  tm
Ivan DeJesus	        43  Jx
Xavier Paul	        43  LV
Carlos Santana	        41  InE
Andy LaRoche	        40  Jx/LV
Jason Repko	        40  LV
John-Ford Griffin	35  LV
Joshua Bell	        34  InE
Jovanny Rosario	        34  GL
John Lindsey	        32  LV
Andrew Locke	        32  InE

 Hits                  hits  tm
John Lindsey	         68  LV
Andrew Lambo	         66  GL
Ivan DeJesus	         65  Jx
Xavier Paul	         64  LV
Jovanny Rosario	         63  GL
Jamie Hoffmann	         61  Jx
Russell Mitchell	 61  Jx
Carlos Santana	         57  InE
Angel Chavez	         56  LV
John-Ford Griffin	 56  LV
Erik Kanaby	         56  GL

 Doubles         	 2b  tm
Carlos Santana	         20  InE
Andrew Lambo	         18  GL
Lucas May	         16  Jx
James Tomlin	         16  Jx
John Lindsey	         15  LV
Andrew Locke	         14  InE
Xavier Paul	         14  LV
Joshua Bell	         13  InE
Thomas Giles	         13  InE
John-Ford Griffin	 13  LV
Greg Jacobs	         12  Jx
Eduardo Perez	         12  InE

 Triples	         3b  tm
Matthew Berezay	         4  InE/Jx
John-Ford Griffin	 4  LV
Jovanny Rosario	         4  GL
A.J. Ellis	         3  LV
Christian Lara	         3  InE
Trayvon Robinson	 3  InE

 Home runs	         hr  tm
John Lindsey	         12  LV
Juan Gonzalez	         9  Jx
Lucas May	         8  Jx
Andrew Lambo	         8  GL
Matthew Berezay	         7  InE/Jx
Carlos Santana	         7  InE
Joshua Bell	         6  InE
Kenley Jansen	         6  GL
Preston Mattingly  	 6  GL
Russell Mitchell	 6  Jx
Jaime Ortiz	         6  GL

 Runs batted in	         bi  tm
Carlos Santana	         50  InE
Andrew Lambo	         46  GL
John Lindsey	         44  LV
Angel Chavez	         38  LV
John-Ford Griffin	 37  LV
Xavier Paul	         36  LV
Thomas Giles	         35  InE
Matthew Berezay	         33  InE/Jx
Lucas May	         32  Jx
Juan Gonzalez	         29  Jx
Greg Jacobs	         29  Jx

 Stolen bases 	         sb-cs tm
Ryan Rogowski	         16-4  InE
Adam Godwin	         13-2  Jx
Jamie Hoffmann	         13-3  Jx
Jovanny Rosario	         13-6  GL
Xavier Paul	         12-3  LV
Trayvon Robinson	 11-8  InE
Preston Mattingly  	 10-1  GL
Erik Kanaby	         10-9  GL
Jason Repko	          9-2  LV
Ivan DeJesus	          7-1  Jx
Jaime Pedroza	          7-6  InE


 Wins	                 w-l  tm
Jason Johnson	         8-3  LV
Steven Johnson	         7-2  GL
Cody White	         6-3  InE
Marlon Arias	         5-2  Jx
Victor Garate	         4-1  GL
Dwayne Pollok	         4-1  LV
Joshua Wall	         4-3  InE
Rick Asadoorian	         4-4  Jx
Jonathan Meloan	         4-5  LV
Eric Stults	         4-6  LV

 Saves	                 sv  tm
Eduardo Sierra	         6  Jx
Jacobo Meque	         5  InE
Cody White	         5  Jx
Brent Leach	         4  Jx

 Games	                gms  tm
Brian Falkenborg	 26  LV
Greg Miller	         24  LV
Zachary Hammes	         23  Jx
Mike Koplove	         23  LV
Brian Akin	         22  Jx
Eduardo Sierra	         22  Jx
Miguel Ramirez	         21  GL
Jordan Pratt	         20  InE

 Games started	         gs  tm
Jason Johnson	         13  LV
James McDonald	         13  Jx
James Adkins	         12  InE
Marlon Arias	         12  Jx
Jesus Castillo	         12  Jx
Jonathan Meloan	         12  LV
Miguel Pinango	         12  LV
Timothy Sexton	         12  InE
Eric Stults	         12  LV

 Innings 	          in  tm
Miguel Pinango	         72.2  LV
Eric Stults	         71.2  LV
Jason Johnson	         69.2  LV
James McDonald	         67.1  Jx
Timothy Sexton	         66.1  InE
Jesus Castillo	         63.2  Jx
Steven Johnson	         60.2  GL
Jonathan Meloan	         60.1  LV
Cody White	         60.1  InE
James Adkins	         57.2  InE

 Strikeouts	         so  tm
James McDonald	         68  Jx
Eric Stults	         61  LV
Miguel Pinango	         60  LV
Jason Johnson	         58  LV
Jonathan Meloan	         56  LV
James Adkins	         51  InE
Victor Garate	         47  GL
Steven Johnson	         46  GL
Matthew Sartor	         46  GL

 Strikeouts per 9 innings
    [starters] 	         so/9  tm
James McDonald	         9.12  Jx
Jonathan Meloan	         8.39  LV
James Adkins	         8.02  InE
Justin Orenduff	         7.89  LV
Eric Stults	         7.71  LV
Jason Johnson	         7.54  LV
Miguel Pinango	         7.48  LV
Bryan Morris	         7.39  GL
Joshua Wall	         7.33  InE
Daigoro Rondon	         7.07  GL

 Strikeouts per 9 innings
    [relief] 	         so/9  tm
Jacobo Meque	         9.75  InE
Eduardo Sierra	         9.64  Jx
Javy Guerra	         9.62  InE
Paul Koss	         9.50  InE
Miguel Ramirez	         9.30  GL
Greg Miller	         9.26  LV
Miguel Sanfler	         8.97  GL
Greg Jones	         8.93  LV
Thomas Melgarejo	 7.98  GL
Zachary Hammes	         7.93  Jx

  Hits per 9 innings
    [starters] 	          h/9  tm
Justin Miller	         7.34  GL
Steven Johnson	         7.62  GL
James McDonald	         7.91  Jx
Eric Stults	         8.22  LV
Greg Miller	         8.30  LV
Cody White	         8.69  InE
Bryan Morris	         8.73  GL
Jonathan Meloan	         8.84  LV
Justin Orenduff	         9.32  LV
Miguel Pinango	         9.60  LV

  Hits per 9 innings
    [relief] 	          h/9  tm
Jacobo Meque	         5.25  InE
Brent Leach	         5.28  InE
Miguel Sanfler	         5.64  GL
Jordan Pratt	         5.65  InE
Francisco Felix	         6.25  InE
Mike Koplove	         6.35  LV
Jonathan Dutton	         6.62  GL
Robert Blevins	         6.65  GL
Eduardo Sierra	         7.07  Jx
Paul Koss	         7.27  InE

  Walks per 9 innings
    [starters] 	          h/9  tm
Bryan Morris	         2.24  GL
Miguel Pinango	         2.24  LV
Daigoro Rondon	         2.29  GL
Jesus Castillo	         2.56  Jx
Jason Johnson	         2.86  LV
Steven Johnson	         2.99  GL
Eric Stults	         3.03  LV
James McDonald	         3.08  Jx
Timothy Sexton	         3.13  InE
Cody White	         3.44  InE

  Walks per 9 innings
    [relief] 	          h/9  tm
Given Kutz	         1.74  GL/InE
Brian Falkenborg	 1.86  LV
Tanyon Sturtze	         2.45  Jx
Robert Blevins	         2.56  GL
Mike Koplove	         2.65  LV
Victor Garate	         2.98  GL
Matthew Sartor	         3.08  GL
Brent Leach	         3.13  InE
Francisco Felix	         3.50  InE

 Walks + hits per 9 innings
 Starters   	         whip  tm
Steven Johnson	         1.17  GL
Bryan Morris	         1.20  GL
James McDonald	         1.22  Jx
Eric Stults	         1.24  LV
Miguel Pinango	         1.31  LV
Miguel Ramirez	         1.34  GL
Cody White	         1.34  InE
Jesus Castillo	         1.35  Jx
Given Kutz	         1.36  GL/InE
Justin Miller	         1.37  GL

 Walks + hits per 9 innings
 Relief	                 whip  tm
Mike Koplove	         1.00  LV
Robert Blevins	         1.01  GL
Francisco Felix	         1.08  In
Victor Garate	         1.17  GL
Brent Leach	         1.19  InE
Miguel Sanfler	         1.19  GL
Brian Falkenborg	         1.21  LV
Dwayne Pollok	         1.21  LV
Matthew Sartor	         1.22  GL
Paul Koss	         1.26  InE

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