Colletti's Summer of Discontent

If Dodgers GM has any supporters in the baseball world, they (or he'd) would come in awfully handy right now. The training braces or retainers are off. Fans, writers, bloggers, experts - its as if the collective patience of the baseball world has suddenly collapsed on the embattled Dodgers general manager.

With less than a week to go in the midseason trade deadline, the Dodgers world seems frozen in criticism -- and inaction.

There was even one spillover piece seriously critical of Manager Joe Torre. The Dodgers have continued to back into a tie for the lead, and then, just as regularly, back out of it.

Frankly, the Dodgers resemble a Baseball Hall of Fame Team, i.e., lots and lots of statues and players who posted great records (but in earlier years in earlier places).

Even "senior something or other" Tommy Lasorda has been silent on the subject of his fellow Italian Colletti -- and the last Italian Lasorda failed to enthusiastically endorse was some fool a little slow grabbing for the dinner check.

Now truth be known, Colletti has legitimately earned most if not all of the criticism heading his way this hurricane season. His investments of Dodgers dollars and hopes have all the earmarks of a gambler at the craps table rather than learned and measured card counter.

Almost every gamble Colletti has made has turned around to bite him and the Dodgers.

The aforementioned Lasorda dissed former Dodgers great Orel Hershiser's bid for the g.m. job (he had interviewed VERY well) with the canard that he'd never done it before.(One wonders if Lasorda could ever have survived his own dictum?) Reading the tea leaves later is relatively easy, but it is hard to see that Orel could have done any worse. Whether or not GM Colletti survives the week or the season is anybody's guess. Says here owners seldom fire themselves.

In addition to Hershiser, others available are the in-house candidates Logan White and Kim Ng; there are any number of "name" baseball lifers ready for new work, including pitching gurus Leo Mazzoni and Rick Peterson and maybe even Dave Wallace. Bill Bavasi had his own bad luck in Seattle, but he is a Bavasi which used to mean something around the Dodgers.

One expert had the Tampa Bay Rays interested in 2B Jeff Kent for their pennant run. Here's an interesting case of addition by subtraction. Anybody else would improve defense. The Dodgers did pick up Pablo Ozuna. The DRays have a number of players who could help the Dodgers, i.e., spare outfielder Johnny Gomes, ex Dodgers pitcher Edwin Jackson.

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