Manny Hasn't Cut His Hair; But Who Cares?

Dodger Stadium is a beehive of activity, with the club on a wild winning streak as the season winds down, pitcher's coming and going and a regular stream of ambulances taking injured player's away and bringing back those who are healthy. Here are a potpourri of small but important items that will effect the club

. When to-be Hall of Fame manager Joe McCarthy took over the Boston Red Sox in the 1940s, he brought with him from the Yankees a strict necktie rule. When his players were going to or coming from the park, each was required to wear a tie.

Before the season started, Boston reporters quizzed him about he rule and how he was going to enforce it with Ted Williams, a regular hitting machine who had his own ideas about dressing and a tie wasn't included.

McCarthy didn't answer the question directly, but when the Sox came down for breakfast the first morning, there was Williams without a tie. Everyone waited for McCarthy to show up and when he did, there he was, also without a tie.

McCarthy, a man of few words, made the clear implication that you don't mess with a .400 hitter.

This little parable might serve Joe Torre well when the "controversy" over Manny Ramirez's dreadlocks comes up again, has it has regularly since the outfielder arrived from Boston.

Torre asked him to cut his hair when Ramirez stepped of the plane and Manny said, "If that is the club rules, I will cut it."

Well, some 12 games later, the dreadlocks still appear in Dodger Stadium, now expertly braided with yellow, blue and red thread weaved into it.

To set the stage, consider this: Ramirez is hitting .467 (21-for-45) with five homers, three doubles, 10 runs scored and 16 RBIs in his dozen games as a Dodger. He's also hit safely in 10 of 11 games, and is hitting .571 (12-for-21) with three homers, 10 RBIs, six runs scored and a .662 on-base percentage in six contests at Dodger Stadium.

Torre said he wasn't sure when Ramirez would get a haircut, but expects it sometime during the homestand that ends next Thursday. "That's what he told me," Torre said. "If he doesn't, I'll ask him again. I'm going to get booed out of town anyway."

One might think a movement on the club to let their hair grow out might not be a bad idea, if the results are simular.

As a lock to join McCarthy in the Hall of Fame, perhaps Joe should remember these immortal words, "Don't mess with a .400 hitter."

Falkenborg Claimed by Padres
Brian Falkenborg, designated for assignment by the Dodgers, was claimed by San Diego. He had not been claimed off waivers before, so he was fully prepared to accept an assignment to Las Vegas

With his experienced arm available, it would have been nice to have him available with only a phone call

Marty Reed Released
The Dodgers' decided not to renew the contract of Minor League Pitching Coordinator Marty Reed after this season and to relieve him of his duties immediately. As the coordinator, he traveled to each minor league club to work with the pitching coach and is the guy whose job it is to make sure the organization's pitching philosophy is being practiced at each level.

Tony Jackson of the Los Angeles Daily News, who broke the story, said Marty is a really good guy and has always had time to help out whenever needed, a comment both the Dodgers Dugout and staff agrees with completely.

Assistant GM, Player Development DeJon Watson would only say of the matter, "We don't comment on personnel matters."

Reed told Jackson, "I was disappointed. I had spent 10 years in the organization, so there was no question I was disappointed."

?He said he wasn't given a reason and didn't ask for one. "DeJon Watson just called me and said he wasn't renewing my contract for 2009," Reed said. "I pretty much said, `OK.' It wasn't my decision to make."

?Marty has spent the last four years as coordinator after previous serving as pitching coach at Vero Beach and Jacksonville.

As the Dodgers' roving coordinator, he played a major role in the development of several of the club's top young pitchers, including Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Ramon Troncoso, Cory Wade, Jonathan Broxton and Hong-Chih Kuo.

?"I just want to make it very clear how much I love those kids and how much I love this organization, and it's very difficult to leave it," Reed told Jackson. "In my heart, I will always be a Dodger, and I try to live up to those standards. It's what being a Dodger is all about, the loyalty and the dedication."

*M*A*S*H* 4077 Injury Report
Takashi Saito is with the club, rehabilitating a torn right elbow ligament that usually requires Tommy John surgery to fix. He told Ken Gurnick of he is playing catch from about 50 feet. "I feel no pain, and that's really encouraging," said Saito, but he offered no guess on a return date.

Possibilities that he will return in time for the final month of the season seem dim.

With Saito out, a number of other's in the bullpen are feeling the effects. Jonathan Broxton and Hong-Chih Kuo are alternating in the closer role because of tired arms and Cory Wade is now available after skipping five of the previous six games because of a tender shoulder.

Rafael Furcal continues to recover from back surgery in Arizona and has begun baseball activity. Furcal is hoping for a Sept. 1 return, so his target would be a Minor League rehab assignment within the next two weeks.

Outfielder Andruw Jones, placed on the disabled list with a sore knee, will go on a Minor League assignment with Las Vegas at the end of this week, in part to rehab his knee, but mostly to work on his hitting.

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