Dodgers Change Coaching Staff

So Dodgers minor league pitching coordinator Marty Reed got thrown under the truck just as the big league Dodgers finally captured a share of the divisional lead. The question is why? The Dodgers big league pitching staff is half full of guys Marty Reed tutored and brought along.

The Dodgers haven't handled their pitching staff well at all but it is hardly Marty Reed's fault.

He didn't sign Jeff Schmidt.

He wasn't the Dodgers medical guru. Somebody else signed off on Schmidt's health and is coordinating his recovery IF Schmidt ever recovers.

Marty Reed didn't sign Esteban Loaiza. Somebody else did.

Marty Reed didn't jerk now staff ace Chad Billingsley around at the beginning of the season. Somebody else did.

Marty Reed didn't overwork Scott Proctor or Cory Wade forcing then to go on to the DL right when the Dodgers need them.

Marty Reed didn't work the waiver wire the past several weeks to bring in a new arm for the final 40 games. Somebody else didn't do that job.

There are faults galore with the composition of the Dodgers pitching staff right now but it's hardly Marty Reed's fault.

The Dodgers could do a lot better job than they have putting a staff together - beginning with signing guys who are healthy enough to help but not stopping there.

It can be said that however the season comes out, they can and must do a better job with pitching - which after all is 89 per cent or more of baseball - from now on. The better job is going to get tougher with Marty Reed gone.

Manager Joe Torre has several more years left on a healthy contract. He picked most of his coaches but kept on the holdover pitching coach. He is going to have to take responsibility for the full staff. GM Ned Colletti is going to have to be responsible for his part.

Finally getting into at least a tie for the lead as summer fades, the Dodgers have not been particularly good and/or lucky in so doing.

They are due for a run because they really haven't had one so far. Until the last week, they wasted good pitching with untimely hitting and then survived a couple of come from behind wins that covered over some suspicious pitching.

When either Derek Lowe or Brad Penny or Hiroki Kuroda take the mound, it is more often than not a case of which pitcher they will be that night - having a good chance to win, having a chance to be competitive, or not so hot at all.

The odds on any of those three choices are about even these days. Not exactly what one is looking for in a team hoping to win the black and blue division.

The Manny Ramirez and Casey Blake additions to the lineup plus occasional heroics from Jeff Kent and Nomar Garciaparra have overshadowed an iffy pitching staff.

And, boys and girls, it sure wasn't Marty Reed's fault.