Q&A with Great Lakes Brandon Taylor

Our Great Lakes contributing editor Cory Hillman checks with Brandon Taylor, signed out of the independent Golden State League, who is playing very well with the Loons.

Hillman: Could you walk me through your career a little bit? Two years ago, you were with the Chicago Cubs organization. Where did you play last year?

Taylor: [Last year] I had T.J -- Tommy John -- surgery in September, two years ago. Last year, I just sat out and then played winter ball in Arizona and then was in an independent league, the Golden State league and I ended up hitting like .430, 14 homeruns and 12 doubles in the 31 games that I was there and that's when the Dodgers signed me. In a nutshell, that's been my past.

CH: So, what was like playing in an independent league?

BT: It was awesome! We had a great league and that's what is so frustrating right now is that we had 25 ex-big league guys in that league and the play was a lot better than it is here, this low-A stuff. It's frustrating because I cannot get anything to fall [for a hit at Dow Diamond] no matter what happens.

CH: What adjustments have you made since coming to the Loons?

BT: It's not that I'm doing anything different…it's just getting things to fall, like I haven't really been able to buy anything here at home.

CH: You've hit quite a few fly ball outs that look like they are leaving the yard.

BT: It's an awesome place to play but it's probably the most dead park that I have ever played in. Unless you hit it down the line, its pretty tough. Nothing has really changed. I've been frustrated, that's about it.

CH: How does it feel to be a part of the Dodger's organization?

BT: It's awesome. Coming from what I know of it so far, the whole organization is leaps and bounds, a hundred times better than the Cubs and how they ran things.

The manager for Clinton, here was there a couple years ago my first year and I love him but it's just brutal over there. And just talking to him, he's like, "Oh my gosh." and I say it's a good thing that he came over to a different organization.

It's pretty bad. There are a lot of people that have jobs over there, are in positions and are only there because the know the Big Man.

Here, it is so awesome.

All the rovers [roving minor league hitting instructors] that have come in so far are phenomenal people. They tell you how it is. Positive, really good people.

It's a night and day difference between the Cubs and the Dodgers.

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