Garate Holds Top Spot in Five Departments

Righthanded starting pitcher Victor Garate tops the and Dodgers Dugout's exclusive full season individual ratings in earned run average, strikeouts per nine innings, hits per 9 innings and WHIP, walks plus hits per nine innings

. The leader board provide the top 10 full season individuals in most of the batting and pitching categories as if August 19.

Interestingly enough, the oldest position player in the system is John Lindsey and he leads in both the hits and home run charts.

The youngest pitcher, Steve Johnson, tops everyone with an even dozen wins.

 Youngest	        age	tm
Austin Gallagher	19	IE
Andrew Lambo	        19	GL
Jaime Ortiz	        19	GL
Pedro Baez	        20	GL
Kenley Jansen	        20	GL
Preston Mattingly	20	GL
Trayvon Robinson	20	IE

 Oldest	                age	tm
John Lindsey	        31	LV
Mitch Jones	        30	LV
Wilkin Ruan	        29	LV
Terry Tiffee	        29	LV
John F. Griffin         28	LV
Luis Maza	        28	LV

 Average	         ave	tm
Luis Maza	        .385	LV
Terry Tiffee	        .375	LV
Wilkin Ruan	        .346	LV
Adolfo Gonzalez	        .319	Jx
Andrew Locke	        .316	IE
Ivan DeJesus	        .315	Jx
James Tomlin	        .313	Jx
John Griffin	        .310	LV
A.J. Ellis	        .307	LV
John Lindsey	        .306	LV
Xavier Paul	        .303	LV

 On-base pct	        obp	tm
Luis Maza	        .445	LV
A.J. Ellis	        .420	LV
Terry Tiffee	        .415	LV
Ivan DeJesus	        .411	Jx
John Lindsey	        .392	LV
John Griffin	        .386	LV
Juan Gonzalez	        .382	Jx
James Tomlin	        .379	Jx
Joshua Bell	        .373	IE
Andrew Locke	        .373	IE

 Slugging	         slug	tm
Mitch Jones	         .582	LV
Terry Tiffee	         .559	LV
John Lindsey	         .549	LV
John  Griffin	         .527	LV
Thomas Giles	         .522	IE
Luis Maza	         .503	LV
Andrew Locke	         .483	IE
Andrew Lambo	         .476	GF
Joshua Bell	         .455	IE
Austin Gallagher         .455	IE
Xavier Paul	         .453	LV

 On base + slug	        ops	tm
Terry Tiffee	        .974	LV
Luis Maza	        .948	LV
John Lindsey	        .941	LV
Mitch Jones	        .920	LV
John Griffin	        .913	LV
Thomas Giles	        .882	IE
Andrew Locke	        .856	IE
A.J. Ellis	        .846	LV
Juan Gonzalez	        .832	Jx
Joshua Bell	        .828	IE

 Games	                games	tm
Jamie Hoffmann	        121	Jx
John Lindsey	        121	LV
Adam Godwin	        119	Jx
Russ Mitchell	        119	Jx
Andrew Lambo	        118	GF
Ivan DeJesus	        117	Jx
Jovanny Rosario	        116	GF
Jaime Pedroza	        114	IE
Matthew Berezay	        112	Jx/IE
Thomas Giles	        112	IE
Jason Repko	        112	LV

 Runs	                runs	tm
Jason Repko	         80	LV
Ivan DeJesus	         77	Jx
John Lindsey	         76	LV
Xavier Paul	         75	LV
Thomas Giles	         72	IE
Andrew Locke	         71	IE
Jaime Pedroza	         70	IE
Terry Tiffee	         69	LV
Tray Robinson	         67	IE
Angel Chavez	         64	LV

 Hits	                hits	tm
John Lindsey	        137	LV
Terry Tiffee	        136	LV
Ivan DeJesus	        133	Jx
Andrew Lambo	        133	GF
Andrew Locke	        130	IE
Angel Chavez	        126	LV
Jaime Pedroza	        125	IE
Xavier Paul	        122	LV
Thomas Giles	        121	IE
James Tomlin	        120	Jx

 Doubles	         2b	tm
Terry Tiffee	         37	LV
John Lindsey	         35	LV
Austin Gallagher         33	IE
Andrew Lambo	         33	GF
Andrew Locke	         31	IE
James Tomlin	         31	Jx
Jaime Pedroza	         28	IE
Angel Chavez	         27	LV
Thomas Giles	         27	IE
Lucas May	         24	Jx
Jason Repko	         24	LV

 Triples	        3b	tm
Tray Robinson	         8	IE
Matthew Berezay	         7	Jx/IE
Christian Lara	         7	IE
Jaime Pedroza	         7	IE
Jason Repko	         6	LV
Thomas Giles	         5	IE
Xavier Paul	         5	LV

 Home runs	        hr	tm
John Lindsey	        24	LV
Thomas Giles	        20	IE
Mitch Jones	        15	LV
Andrew Lambo	        15	GF
John Griffin	        14	LV
Juan Gonzalez	        13	Jx
Russ Mitchell	        12	Jx
Lucas May	        12	Jx
Jaime Ortiz	        11	GL
Matt Berezay	        10	Jx/IE
Angel Chavez	        10	LV
Jamie Hoffmann	        10	Jx
Andrew Locke	        10	IE
Jason Repko	        10	LV

 Runs batted in	        rbi	tm
Thomas Giles	        90	IE
John Lindsey	        90	LV
Andrew Lambo	        77	GL
Andrew Locke	        77	IE
John Griffin	        67	LV
Jamie Hoffmann	        67	Jx
Xavier Paul	        64	LV
Angel Chavez	        64	LV
Russ Mitchell	        62	Jx
Terry Tiffee	        62	LV
Matt Berezay	        59	Jx/IE

 Stolen bases	        sb-cs	tm
Ryan Rogowski	        34-8	IE/Jx
Jovanny Rosario	        33-14	GL
Adam Godwin	        27-5	Jx
Jamie Hoffmann	        25-7	Jx
Erik Kanaby	        25-17	GL
Tray Robinson	        22-12	IE
Jaime Pedroza	        20-11	IE
Jason Repko	        19-6	LV
Xavier Paul	        17-5	LV
Ivan De Jesus	        14-2	Jx
James Tomlin	        14-6	Jx


 Youngest	        age	tm
SP Steve Johnson	20	GL/IE
SP Justin Miller	20	GL
SP Kyle Smit	        20	GL
SP Joshua Lindblom	21	GL
SP Timothy Sexton	21	IE
SP Joshua Wall	        21	IE

 Oldest	                age	tm
RP Greg Jones	        31	LV
RP Mike Koplove	        31	LV
SP Heath Totten	        29	LV
RP Matt Riley	        28	LV
RP Danny Muegge	        27	Jx
RP Dwayne Pollok	27	LV

 Wins	                w-l	tm
SP Steve Johnson	12-5	GL/IE
RP Dwayne Pollok	10-4	LV
SP Joshua Wall	         9-6	IE
SP Cody White	         9-9	IE/Jx
SP Marlon Arias	         7-3	Jx
SP Victor Garate	 7-3	GL/IE
SP Jesus Castillo	 7-4	Jx
SP Miguel Pinango	 7-9	LV
SP James McDonald	 6-4	Jx/LV
RP Matthew Sartor	 6-5	GL/IE

 Saves	                sv	tm
RP Miguel Ramirez	20	GL
RP Brent Leach	        12	IE/Jx
RP Paul Koss	        11	IE
RP Jacobo Meque	        11	IE/Jx
RP Mike Koplove	         9	LV
RP Eduardo Sierra	 8	Jx/LV
RP Robert Blevins	 5	GL
RP Matthew Sartor	 5	GL/IE
RP Zachary Hammes	 4	Jx

 Earned run average
    [starters]	        era	tm
SP Victor Garate	2.27	GL/IE
SP Jesus Castillo	3.21	Jx
SP Steve Johnson	3.29	GL/IE
SP James McDonald	3.36	Jx/LV
SP Justin Miller	3.85	GL
SP Given Kutz	        4.32	GL
SP Marlon Arias	        4.90	Jx
SP Cody White	        4.92	IE/Jx
SP Heath Totten	        4.97	LV
SP James Adkins	        5.12	IE/Jx

 Earned run average
    [relief]	        era	tm
RP Scott Elbert	        2.58	Jx
RP Matt Riley	        2.88	LV
RP Brent Leach	        2.91	IE/Jx
RP Robert Blevins	3.06	GL
RP Matthew Sartor	3.18	GL/IE
RP Miguel Sanfler	3.28	GL
RP Paul Koss	        3.34	IE
RP Blake Brannon	3.38	IE/GL
RP Mike Koplove	        3.48	LV
RP Jacobo Meque	        3.51	IE/Jx

 Strikeouts	        so	tm
SP James McDonald	139	Jx/LV
SP Victor Garate	129	GL/IE
SP Steve Johnson	104	GL/IE
SP Alberto Bastardo	 98	IE
RP Matthew Sartor	 96	GL/IE
SP Joshua Wall	         95	IE
SP James Adkins	         93	IE/Jx
SP Miguel Pinango	 90	LV
SP Justin Orenduff	 88	LV
SP Timothy Sexton	 83	IE

 Walks+Hits per inning
    [starters]	        whip	tm
SP Victor Garate	1.20	GL/IE
SP James McDonald	1.20	Jx/LV
SP Given Kutz	        1.22	GL
SP Steve Johnson	1.23	GL/IE
SP Jesus Castillo	1.36	Jx
SP James Adkins	        1.44	IE/Jx
SP Justin Miller	1.45	GL
SP Cody White	        1.51	IE/Jx
SP Miguel Pinango	1.53	LV
SP Timothy Sexton	1.55	IE

 Walks+Hits per inning
    [relief]	        whip	tm
RP Scott Elbert	        1.04	Jx
RP Mike Koplove	        1.12	LV
RP Robert Blevins	1.15	GL
RP Blake Brannon	1.15	IE/GL
RP Matthew Sartor	1.15	GL/IE
RP Francisco Felix	1.20	IE/LV
RP Paul Koss	        1.21	IE
RP Miguel Sanfler	1.24	GL
RP Travis Schlichting	1.27	Jx
RP Dwayne Pollok	1.34	LV

Strikeouts per 9 innings
   [starters]	        so/9	tm
SP Victor Garate	11.73	GL/IE
SP James McDonald	 9.34	Jx/LV
SP Steve Johnson	 8.14	GL/IE
SP Justin Orenduff	 7.76	LV
SP Alberto Bastardo	 7.74	IE
SP James Adkins	         7.34	IE/Jx
SP Joshua Wall	         7.18	IE
SP Given Kutz	         7.06	GL
SP Kyle Smit	         6.92	GL
SP Marlon Arias	         6.49	Jx

Strikeouts per 9 innings
   [relief]	        so/9	tm
RP Matt Riley	        12.31	LV
RP Matthew Sartor	10.92	GL/IE
RP Blake Brannon	10.67	IE/GL
RP Jordan Pratt	        10.61	IE
RP Jacobo Meque	        10.54	IE/Jx
RP Robert Blevins	10.53	GL
RP Scott Elbert	         9.69	Jx
RP David Pfeiffer	 9.32	IE
RP Francisco Felix	 9.23	IE/LV
RP Greg Miller	         8.83	LV

  Hits per 9 innings
    [starters]	         h/9	tm
SP Victor Garate	 7.64	GL/IE
SP Steve Johnson	 7.90	GL/IE
SP James McDonald	 7.93	Jx/LV
SP Justin Miller	 8.32	GL
SP Given Kutz	         9.38	GL
RP Greg Miller	         9.52	LV
SP Jesus Castillo	 9.64	Jx
SP Kyle Smit	        10.70	GL
SP Marlon Arias	        10.72	Jx
SP Miguel Pinango	11.06	LV

 Hits per 9 innings
   [relief]	         h/9	tm
RP Scott Elbert	        4.72	Jx
RP Eduardo Sierra	6.89	Jx/LV
RP Miguel Sanfler	6.93	GL
RP Mike Koplove	        7.03	LV
RP Francisco Felix	7.05	IE/LV
RP Jordan Pratt	        7.07	IE
RP Brent Leach	        7.20	IE/Jx
RP Paul Koss	        7.43	IE
RP Jacobo Meque	        7.46	IE/Jx
RP Matthew Sartor	7.74	GL/IE

 Walks per 9 innings
   [starters]	        bb/9	tm
SP Heath Totten	        1.33	LV
SP Given Kutz	        1.61	GL
SP Timothy Sexton	2.30	IE
SP Jesus Castillo	2.57	Jx
SP Miguel Pinango	2.69	LV
SP Victor Garate	3.18	GL/IE
SP Steve Johnson	3.21	GL/IE
SP James McDonald	3.43	Jx/LV
SP Alberto Bastardo	3.79	IE
SP Marlon Arias	        3.84	Jx

 Walks per 9 innings
   [relief]	        bb/9	tm
RP Dwayne Pollok	1.81	LV
RP Robert Blevins	2.49	GL
RP Matthew Sartor	2.62	GL/IE
RP Travis Schlichting	2.82	Jx
RP Danny Muegge	        2.83	Jx
RP David Pfeiffer	2.88	IE
RP Mike Koplove	        3.16	LV
RP Joseph Jones	        3.23	IE
RP Paul Koss	        3.50	IE
SP Jesus Rodriguez	3.73	Jx