It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Horseshoes

The Dodgers might want to think about a name change. Horseshoes would be nice. It's the sport where just being close counts. Veteran manager Joe Torre decides in the heat of a pennant race to try his catcher at third, his third baseman at first, and his rarely used spare catcher instead of first sacker James Loney, who should have been sitting in the number three spot all along.

s The result, a bevy of errors and another loss in the ninth inning. Heck, I could mismanage that good up. Just not by the Dodgers.

The Dodgers GM had knowledge for weeks that his bullpen was thin, his aging closer had some kind of arm problem. Did he get any veteran bullpen help? He did not! Lemme' see, the Mets picked up Mr. Alaya. Mr. Reyes, available for nothing was picked up. Just not by the Dodgers.

Mr. Colletti, have you noticed former closer Joe Borowski is currently unemployed? Even Paul DePodesta could read and use the waiver wire.

The late Dick Young of The New York Daily News once wrote a story about the old Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1950s. At the time, a hit play on Broadway was "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn."

Young opined after a particularly painful late inning loss - a loss that like this weeks' might have been avoided - that the tree growing in Brooklyn was a cherry tree and a "choke cherry tree" at that. It is a good thing Mr. Young is no longer with us. We can just about write what his column would have looked like this morning.

Over here across the pond where we are summering, they have opened a brand new church building this past summer -- and just it time it seems as the Horseshoes, er, Dodgers certainly are in plenty of need for prayer.

Back in our beloved 1950s, priests in Brooklyn churches would offer prayers for Gil Hodges to start hitting. Now we would need a whole bunch of priests, one for Torre, one for Colletti, one for Martin when he is playing anything other than catcher, etc., etc.

We have been mentioning the omnipresent (but why?) Mark Sweeney for months.

He has been so bad so long that even the Almighty Himself couldn't help. But he is as the Dodgers geniuses continue to tell us, a seasoned veteran. So what if he doesn't hit?

Other managers have discovered various secrets like putting in defensive layers in late or tight games. Other teams have discovered that if you burn out pitchers by using them too much early in the season, they have a tendency to be not as good later with a tired or hurt arm. Other teams have learned to make plans to emergency replacements to be thrown into the breech.

Juan Pierre can't throw from the outfield. One wonders if he can throw from a mound. Hey, he's a veteran and Joe Torre loves him.

In the egregious loss cited above, we also noticed Mr. Andre Ethier made no appearance, he one of the Dodgers best three hitting and throwing outfielders from day one and a player who twice of late has snatched lightning late in the day.

After 20 years of waiting, we feel entitled to certain attacks of impatience.