Fans React to Question of Signing Ramirez

We asked for your response to the signing of Manny Ramirez, yes or no, and the replies have started to roll in. Nail down the slugger or spend the money elsewhere? If you have an opinion, let us know your feelings. Here are the first replies:

For 20 years I have watched this Team, no matter the leadership, make dumb mistake after dumb mistake.  

Trading Pedro Martinez for Delino DeShields when you had a lead off hitter and Pedro's brother had already won 20 games for them and he was dominant as reliever.   

Signing Darryl Strawberry without doing their homework.   

Signing Devon White when there were better Centerfielder's available.   

Trading Mike Piazza -- the worst trade in Dodger history -- you don't trade your Hall of famer who will now go in as a Met no doubt.   

Not signing Chan Ho Park to an extension and signing, or even drafting Darren Dreifort when the could have had Billy Wagner.   

Not signing Adrian Beltré after waiting for 5 or 6 years for him to play to his potential – it took us 17 years to replace Cey and then we let this kid go.   

The revolving door of Managers and General Managers.   

We wasted a year or maybe even two years of Matt Kemp's development jerking him around and having him in the Big Leagues and not getting at bats to develop sooner then he had.   

Re-signing Nomar and some of these other guys past his prime.   

Manny's hitting style, as pointed out by Steve Lyons, will allow him to keep a quick bat for the next two to three years.   

Worth paying 25MM which is the going rate.   

Plus I think the guy wants to be here but we shall see.   

The fact is he is the one player in this lineup you have to be worried about and it affects the entire lineup.   

More importantly, the fans like him.   

Production and a fan favorite.   

No brainer!   

Malik Gipson

We'll lose Penny and Lowe next year. Billingsley and Kershaw are solid but Kuroda is a #5 starter.  

Unless Manny can pitch, too, (and after what he's done this year, I wouldn't doubt it), we have to go for Sabatha to put a real #1 starter on the staff for the first time in years.  

Herman Long, Dallas, Texas.  


They must be kidding.  

We finally win something and, as we did when we won with Beltré, and now we're going to start all over with Punch and Judy Pierre in left field?  

Give me, no give US, a break.  

T.R. White, Detroit, MI.  

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