The Fans Speak About Signing Manny

Nearly everyone loves Manny Ramirez and wants him back, but not for five years. Another batch of emails have arrived and here are their thoughts about spending $20 million (or more) per year for the talented but aging outfielder.

I realize there's quite a bit of risk involved, not only with his age/bat but also with his personality, but out of all the risk that this Dodgers franchise has taken on sub-par free agents, why not take a risk on a bonafide superstar for once?  At least if he doesn't pan out, I wouldn't have a problem with it.  Unlike signing Darren Dreifort or Jason Schmidt or Andruw Jones or Juan Pierre or whatever other stiffs they have splurged on over the years.

As far as that commenter who said Kuroda is a 5th starter, he has the 36th best ERA in the MAJOR LEAGUES.  I think a lot of teams would love that from a "fifth starter". -- Kensia

We've all watched with amusement as George Steinbrenner has signed every slugger he could get his hands on and neglected the pitching staff. This year he's watching on TV instead of in person. We can't do the same. I love Manny but if we can't get him at the right price and for the right number of years, we have to search for another starter or perhaps two. --Ronald Clinton, Richmond, Virginia.

Watch the playoffs against the Cubs. I predict we need starting pitching far worse than we need Manny. Charlie, Fargo, North Dakota.

It's easy to see what Ramirez has done for the team, and easy to see what they would have accomplished had he not been with us. I would hope we could sign him, not for five years but perhaps for two with an option on a third year. --Phil Chicola, Brazil, Argentina.

It's time to clear out the deadwood. Dump Jones and Pierre on someone, get rid of Ozuna and Berroa (he his only marginally a better hitter than Hu and the youngster can field just as well), Schmidt's horrible contract should expire, sign Garciaparra and Kent (if he's interested) for an appropriate amount of money (they are now part-timers), ink Furcal and Penny on a base salary with incentives, try to hold on to Lowe without selling the farm and suddenly we have the money to sign both Manny and perhaps round up CC Sabathia, too. Now that was simple, wasn't it? --John Moore, Pittsburgh.

With the revenue received from the playoffs, even if it is three and out, we should have made enough money to sign Ramirez. Without him, we would be talking about what we should have done and getting ready to watch someone else play the Cubs. --Marylynn McCosky, Simi Valley, California.

Mr. McCourt says he wants to bring the Dodgers back to the next level. We can't do that with Pierre in left field (or center, heaven forbid) and an on-again, off-again pitching starting staff. Even if McDonald can make it big time next year, we need a legitimate #1 starter so the only thing to do is shelve the extravagant center field walk of fame of whatever the thing is called and spend the money on Manny and a top flight starter. --Wilson Hernandez, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let's see: playing the Cubs in the first round of the NL championships or firing the general manager, the trainer and whomever else is standing around at the time to make believe that new bodies in those jobs would have made all the difference after finishing three games behind Arizona and out of the money -- again. Am I missing something here? Give Colletti one more year to see if he can get overcome his addiction for signing old Giant players and give Manny the money. --Joan Hannahan, Dallas, Texas.

I know it isn't the people's choice (that was Dixie Walker), but giving a 36-year-old man, any 36-year-old man with the exception of Ted Williams, a long term contract is delusional. I love what Manny did for us. Give him an engraved gold watch and wish him well. --Harlan, Jacksonville, Florida.

If we want Manny, we have to wait until the rest of the baseball GMs pass on him, then Boras may pull back from asking for a life-time contract and a half ownership in the Dodgers. We may get him for a couple year and that would be the only way I'd pay that sort of money. --Jim Robinson, Seattle, Washington.

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