Signing Manny, Part III

We have had great response to the possible re-signing of Manny Ramirez. The latest emails received are included below. We'll do this again on a different subject some time in the near future.

Without out a doubt you need to sign Manny- no question! They also need to sign one major #1 starter (CC Sabatha), try and keep Lowe, keep Furcal (1 year contract loaded with incentives) that way if he shows he's healed, after 09 season you sign him to a 3-4 year deal.

The key would be after the '09 season you will have some DEAD money expired on Schmidt, Garciaparra, Kent and you are one year closer to getting rid of Pierre'a bad contract.  I don't even want to talk about A. Jones, he too has only 1 year left and has DEAD money  

Bottom line Colletti needs to learn from his mistakes and not allow them to repeat. So here's your line up for the 09 season opener:  

Dewitt -2nd
Loney- 1b
Blake – 3rd
Manny – lf
Kemp- cf
Ethier- rf
Martin- c
--Udy Loza

Why not, it isn't my money. --G. Phillips, Brewster, Nebraska.

It's too much money ($20 mil) but everyone is getting too much money so I would go for it as long as we also try to sign Sabathia. -- R. Affeld, Phoenix, Arizona.

Sign him. But if we don't, for heaven-sakes don't sign free agent Matt Holliday from Colorado who hits .340 at home and .240 on the road. And no more Giants, Ned. --Tommy Swain, Denver, Colorado.

We appreciate the many fans who sent us their opinion on the question of signing or not signing of Manny Ramirez.

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