Who are the best teams in the playoffs?

Everyone has their own opinion to offer on this topic. A lot of folks favor the upstart Tampa Bay Rays. Look what can happen when you take the "Devil" out of the team? Others favor the Los Angeles Angels who are the only 100-win team this year.

The best story would be the Chicago Cubs breaking the oldest winless draught in the history of professional sports on the 100-year anniversary of their last World Series win.

I'll let you make your own call. To help you with that, here are this season's best teams, players and managers in various statistical categories among the eight playoff teams:

Hitting				 Baserunning
 Team	        Runs              Team  Bases gained
Cubs	        855		Phillies    +114
Red Sox	        845		Cubs        + 63
White Sox	811		Brewers     + 52
Phillies	799		Dodgers     + 36
Rays	        774		Rays        + 36
Angels	        765		Angeles	    + 22
Brewers	        750		Red Sox	    +  8
Dodgers	        700     	White Sox   - 20

 Managers	   Sac		 Pitching   ERA
Pinella, Cubs	   93		Dodgers     3.68
Manuel, Phils 	   88	        Rays        3.82
Torre, LA    	   75	        Brewers	    3.85
(2) Brewers	   74	        Cubs	    3.87	
Guillen,WS	   44	        Phils	    3.88
Francona, RS	   40	        Angels	    3.99
Scioscia, Angels   39		Red Sox	    4.01
Maddon, Rays       31	        WSox	    4.06

 Intentional   Walks	         Mfg Runs
Manuel, Phils	  64	        Dodgers	   186
Torre, LA	  58	        Angels	   181
Pinella, Cubs	  45	        Rays	   168
Guillen WS	  42	        Cubs	   154
Scioscia, Angels  32	        Phils	   153
(2) Brewers	  32	        Red Sox    145
Maddon, Rays	  29	        Brewers	   143
Francona, RSox	  17	        White Sox  129

 Moving Runners		         Fielding
Scioscia, Angels151	        Phillies     +74
Torre, Dodgers	   133	        Brewers      +44
Maddon, Rays	   113	        Rays         +34
(2) Brewers	   111	        Red Sox      +29
Guillen, WSox	    98	        Angels       -10
Pinella, Cubs	    98    	Dodgers      -16
Manuel, Phils	    92	        Cubs         -27
Francona, RSox	    87	        White Sox    -41

 Win Shares
Utley Phils	   30
Youkilis RSox	   27
Ramirez, Cubs	   25
Braun, Brewers	   25
Ethier, Dodgers	   23
Fielder, Brewers   23
Quentin, WSox	   23
BJ Upton, Rays	   23
Guerrero, Angels   22
 Source: Bill James Handbook, 2009
About These Stats?Some of these stats may be unfamiliar to some readers. Here are easy explanations for three of them:

(2) Brewers: Yost and Sveum managed the team.

Fielding Plays Above Average: The number of above-average defensive plays a team made over the course of the season. Zero is average; plus numbers are above average and negative numbers are below average.

Manufactured Runs: Runs put together out of small parts—infield hits, bunts, moving up on ground outs, stealing bases, hitting and running, scoring on fly balls, etc. Net Bases Gained: The team's overall performance on the base paths over the course of the season. Zero is average; plus numbers are above average and negative numbers are below average. For more information, go to The Bill James Handbook 2009, available from booksellers or at www.actasports.com.

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